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KG-Off weight correction with no stress and health problems

Jul 6th 2010 at 2:42 AM

In order to determine the necessity for taking weight-correcting measures the Body Mass Index formula is used.

The Index is a relative number showing the degree to which a person's weight corresponds to the height. The Index value allows to see whether your weight is normal or excessive.

All you need is a calculator. Divide your body mass (in kilos) by your height squared (in meters). The result shows your Body Mass Index. 


Body Mass Index

The BMI value of 20 to 25 is considered normal.

If the BMI value is higher, up to 30, it is clear that there are excessive weight problems.

With BMI value over 30 we are talking about obesity already.

BMI number, kg/m2 Result

-30 Excessive weight

30+ Obesity

If your Body Mass Index exceeds the norm, take notice of the new Vision line, the innovative KGOff  weight correction program!

KG-Off program consists of two biologically active food supplements - Fat Absorber and Hunger Suppressant.

KG-Off is the ideal assistant, if you wish to become slimmer.



Problems with keeping your diet? Can't deny yourself favorite foods too rich in calories?

KG-Off Hunger Suppressant will help you!

Stir the KG-Off Hunger Suppressant capsule contents in a glass of water and drink it before your meal.

You should do it twice a day, prior to your lunch and your dinner.

KG-Off Hunger Suppressant will turn into a nocalories and absolutely harmless mass that will fill your stomach and your brain will get the signal that you are full up.


KG-Off Hunger Suppressant:

it is easy to avoid overeating!


If you wish to become slimmer…


Not engaged in any sports for a long time and your weight is quite excessive? Walking fast is the training regimen ideal for you.

With time make your route more arduous with walking up slopes or climbing stairs, carry some weights with you, and your body will become lighter and lighter.


After walking start jogging. The optimal first stage speed is such that you don't lose your breath: you should be able to speak short phrases easily while jogging.

Gradually increase your speed, include ascending and descending sections in your route. Specialists say: «If you start jogging, you will get slimmer by all means!»


Swimming is a fine way to reduce your weight, in addition, it hardens your body, develops all groups of muscles and increases your strenght.

Skate and ski, roller-skate and pedal your bike!

These sports are not only hugely enjoyable by themselves but they actively burn fat, train your stamina, strengthen your buttocks, legs and back.


Help your body in avoiding fat accumulation!

KG-Off Fat Absorber will simply never allow you to gain weight.

Take one capsule of KG-Off Fat Absorber twice daily before meals and its active elements will capture molecules of fat from the food you consume, never allowing the fat to get assimilated in the body and make your waist thicker.


KG-Off Fat Absorber: it is easy to get rid of fat!


For the best effect combine diets and gym training with taking the KG-Off program preparations!

KG-Off Hunger Suppressant will help you in controlling your appetite, in forming proper nutrition habits, while KG-Off Fat Absorber will amplify the effect of your gym training by blocking the fats you consume with food even before they get digested.

You can take KG-Off Hunger Suppressant and KG-Off Fat Absorber simultaneously or

you can choose from the KG-Off line only the preparation that you feel necessary for you

at the moment.

Visit - and make your body look just the way you've always dreamt of!



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The most incredible way to lose weight without making any effort!

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