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Is There A Perfect Diet Plan?

Nov 21st 2010 at 10:29 AM

Dieting is really a strong phenomenon worldwide. It appears as if practically many people are on some kind of diet. Frankly, I have been through various types of diet system. Some worked and many failed to.

The most important point in dieting is to know your purpose in dieting. It is not only about losing weight. But weight loss is a major concern. For many, losing weight is not necessarily for improving their health but looking desirable.

To start any type of diet plan, you must know your major objective in pursuing the diet plan. You must also be aware that there's no perfect diet plan. You must look into various plans and find out their impacts. Despite whatever claims they make, you must remember that a number of the diet programs can’t turn you into slim person. As a matter of fact, many diet programs entail unhealthy dieting. It is also imperative that you ensure that the diet program will not have any adverse effect on your health. The major emphasis of any diet plan ought to be healthy dieting.

There are many good diet plans. As you search on the internet, there are no shortages of diet plans. Be mindful. There are some outrageous ones. I bet you've heard of “Orange Juice Diet Plan”.

Is it possible to imagine the diet requiring that you skip your meals and replace them with pure orange juices for ten long days? Needless to state that there's no logic to such a diet plan. Such diet plans fail to provide body with essentials nutrients. The problem with this sort of program is that considering that body is not gettting enough nutrients that it needs, its metabolism quickly switches to survival mode thus slowing it down. It isn't any wonder then that after the 10 days plan, most people have a tendency to regain back their weight.

The diet plan you select does not have to become element of top diet plans. A diet meal plan for a wholesome person includesthe suitable proportion of various nutrients. Here’s a look at the best diet plans that actually work today.

The macrobiotic diet plan that originated in Japan is centered on spiritualism. It encourages the use of natural foods made by boiling, baking, and steaming. The plan also includes grains, vegetables, and beans with small quantities of fish, nuts, and seeds.

The Pritikin diet has gained reputation like a diet program for promoting well-being by decreasing cholesterol and sugar.

The Atkins Diet is for shedding pounds, creating a healthy heart, and memory function and general wellness. This diet plan recommends the use of traditionally rich foods like meat, cheese, and eggs. This plan requires curtailing of most refined sugar, milk, rice, and white floor.

Martha’s Vineyard Diet Detox Plan advocates cleansing of the body of most toxins. The diet plan designed by Roni Deluz advises intake of water, homemade soups, juices of vegetables and fruit and powdered anti-oxidant berries.

Dukan Diet plan is really a four-phased high-protein, low-calorie diet plan. Lean protein is the key ingredient of the diet plan.

The Hallelujah recommends eating 85% raw organic foods and 15% cooked foods.

Dr. Andrew Weil’s Diet plan breaks the food into three groups. It recommends taking 50-60% of carbohydrates, 30% fat, and 10-20% proteins.

The Jenny Craig Diet Plan is three level food-mind-body plan. The plan focuses on intake of fresh fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and low fat dairy products.

The Mayo Clinic diet plan depends upon healthy changes you can make in what you eat. It is scientifically proven diet program in maintaining weight over time.

The diet plans mentioned above are diet plans which manage to work. However, you need to note that everyone is different and unique. Thus, diets which could work for one person might not do anything for another. It is essential that you should choose the right type of weight loss program. It is strongly advised that you talk to your physician. After all it is your body. It is your health. Then why not follow a diet plan you can say “my diet plan”.

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