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How to Start Running – The Simple Steps for Beginners

Sep 29th 2013 at 4:14 AM

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One of the major problems is the lack of knowledge of how to start running.Everyone his own body and must know how to begin to run. Run is a way to express freedom and get a killer workout at the same time

Most people start very quickly and soon becomes tired and exhausted and this causes the wound himself. Should start by preparing your mind in the first place so that starts slowly. Lifestyle without sport and constant motion and this negatively affects the muscles of the body.You know the saying, “you must crawl before you walk” The same basic fundamentals apply to running. Walk before you run and you will prevent injury while gradually building up your legs, lungs and heart

I frequent the site for great advice; they offer many running plans which will also help get you moving in the right direction. I recommend doing a fast pace walk 4 times a week for 30 minutes for the first week. Then start your beginners running plan. It will look something like this depending on your physical ability

Week one: Walk 4 minutes, and then run 1 minute, up to 30 minutes
Week two: Walk 3 minutes, and then run 2 minutes, up to 30 minutes
Week three: Walk 2 minutes, and then run 3 minutes up to 30 minutes
Week four: walk 1 minute, and then run 4 minutes up to 30 minutes
Week five: walk 1 minute, and then run 6 up to 30 minutes
Week six: walk 1 minute, and then run 9 minutes up to 30 minutes
Week seven: walk one minute then run 14 minutes up to 30 minutes
Week eight: run the full 30 minutes

If you find that this is too hard for you, then add more walk breaks. To be a successful runner you need a few vital things

1. Shoes – Visit your local running store to get fitted for a shoe that applies to the way you run and your foot type. Also be sure to pick up a pair of fitted running socks. Try to avoid running in cotton socks. A good pair of running shoes will help eliminate many running pains and injuries such as shin splits etc

2. Water – Purchase a good water bottle and expect to carry it everywhere. Water is vital and will really help your performance. Shoot to drink a minimum of eight glasses a day

Personal tip: You can use your music because it works as a catalyst for you to continue to run. Just remember, start slow and finish strong. Also be sure to stretch before and after your runs to help prevent injury. I hope this article helps get you running. If you have any questions or comments please use the comment field below. Thank you. Click here to visit Exercise & Fitness Section.

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