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Rob Nurden has been a health and fitness enthusiast for many years who has himself struggled with various weight loss issues.You will be able to relate to him through the information he provides with articles and his blog.
Feel free to take a look at his articles and blog which are regularly updated providing information on dieting, belly fat, weight loss, nutrition and various other health related issues.
Rob Nurden | bestdietsforbellyfat

How to Lose Your Belly Fat.

Feb 1st 2011 at 6:54 AM

If your looking for ways to lose belly fat here are three tips i think will help you to achieve this.

Tip One.

Find the diet that suits your personality.

Tip Two

It is important that you eat between 5-6 small meals per day instead of 2-3 large ones as smaller meals make your metabolism work faster.

Tip Three.

You should also eat natural healthy foods that are low in fat.

These three tips are considered fast, safe and effective ways to help lose belly fat. The principal to losing belly fat is simply to remember that you need to lose more calories than you consume.
This can be achieved through regular exercise. By using this approach you are in control of the calories for your diet.

If you eat natural foods regularly then you are controlling the hormones in your body which in turn tells you how much belly fat you gain or lose. As a result the insulin level drops, which is important as insulin is a hormone that stores fat. In order to help in the loss of belly fat the insulin your body makes must be controlled.
By eating healthy natural foods you will never feel hungry. You will become healthier, more energetic and stay fuller for longer. Those are some of the benefits of knowing how to lose belly fat.

Once your diet is planned there are two types of exercise you need to focus on.Believe it or not cardio is not one of them. Reasearch has shown that cardio can be ineffective when tryng to lose belly fat, however regular training is.

Regular training is simply a warm-up exercise, proceeded with a variation of easy and hard exercise with bouts of about 90 seconds. The easy to hard exercise routine can be done aprroximately 6 times a day finising off with a normal cool-down. This is regarded as a simple way of exercising and losing weight, and it really works.

Researchers have found that regular exercise is the best way to burn belly fat as apposed to cardio.

Another type of exercise to take into account is known as resistance training. This does not mean exercising with cans of soup at home either. By lifting a few cans of soup everday simply is not going to help in your aim to losing belly fat.

It is important that resistance training is carried out, such as squats, pushups or planks.Working hard in supersets also should be considered. All of the exercises mentioned can be done in the comfort of your own home. So, if your looking for ways to lose belly fat you must consider a proper healthy diet combined with regular exercise and resistance training.

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