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How to lose weight without diet pills

Sep 17th 2014 at 5:22 PM

Many people nowadays suffer from overeating habit, leading to excessive weight. We eat when we are hungry, when we are tired, when we are bored, when we are under stress. We eat too much and having some extra fat under skin is one of the most obvious yet not the most dangerous results of such way of life. How to lose weight for good is described below.

Wonders happen only in fairy tales

As rude as it sounds it still remains truth. All promises of “wondrous cure”, “incredible effect” and “immediate weight loss” are mostly backed up with low-quality medications of unknown origin and receiving damaging effect (instead of useful results) is very likely to happen when taking these meds. What to do then, how to lose weight safely and efficiently? It is all in your hands. Here are several easy to do advices:

  • Name the matter correctly. You don’t have excessive weight. You have an overeating habit. Habit of eating lots of buns, visiting fast-food restaurants often and drinking a bottle of soda daily is bad. It is easy to receive yet hard to quit – but as any other bad habit this one can be quitted for good. None of medications like Phentermine diet pills will do the job for you, a dedicated and persistent work is required.
  • Start eating slowly. You will be surprised but it really helps. The reason for this is an atavistic neural mechanism. Neural signals from full stomach take about 5 minutes to reach the brain center, telling you that you are full. People often feel sleepy after overeating, which is one of the best signals you might to look for - if you feel sleepy after meal, you are overeating. We can eat for some time without realizing we are full, and if we eat fast – we will eat a lot food during these 5 minutes. That is why eating slowly is recommended, as it allows you to overeat less.
  • Start eating with lesser portions. Hunger pangs are stronger if eating twice or thrice a day, which leads to eating much more food than needed. On the other hand, having 5 minor meals instead of 2 larger ones allows you to keep your stomach always busy and your hunger pangs will not be so strong. Buy a set of smaller dishes, this makes eating with smaller portions much easier.
  • Don’t combine eating with watching TV or playing a virtual game. When your attention is somewhere else, you can eat huge amounts of food. One experiment shown a normal boy eating 3 liters of soup while watching a movie, without even realizing it.
  • Start doing regular physical exercises. This is the only way of losing weight proven to be effective and you will not be able to avoid it in any way. Changing your lifestyle drastically and beginning to eat less and exercise more is a huge stress, leading to constant tiredness, apathy and even depression. This is when appetite suppressants may be of good use. However, this is the last measure and should be treated with extreme caution.
  • Consult with your doctor about the pills. Many drug interactions are possible and side effects may be severe if you overdose the pills or buy from unreliable vendor. Many pills can be bought over the counter with a prescription, while others, like Phentermine 37.5 from do not require prescriptions and cost less. However, safety of usage should be your main concern, so consulting a health care specialist before taking any weight loss pills is obligatory!

It is your body and it is your health, so do the right choice!

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