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How dare change lives

Jul 25th 2014 at 9:17 PM

Recently, my very close friend told me: "Here you are all the time writing about how to change

as a move in this direction, but decide to change? Why do you never talk about it? "I decided to correct an unfortunate misunderstanding and talk about how dare I constantly put his life upside down. And in fact it helps me reach of what others can only dream of.

For example, lose 60 pounds, become a writer, find a new life that is completely different from the one I led before.

Frankly speaking: for writing this column, I sat down after woke up three hours a night because of a bad dream. At the end of the coming weeks, I will go for a few thousand kilometers to go all the way to Santiago. Moreover, in splendid isolation.

If anyone has not heard, this route is laid in the north of Spain and is officially a trail of pilgrims. However, for me it is, first of all, hope to get a second breath, inspiration, to understand itself. The program is supposed rich: I fly to Barcelona and after only three days should go to the city

of Lugo, located more than 110 kilometers from the city of Santiago de Compostela - the end point of my route.

All the way from Lugo to finish me to be done on foot, alone, for five days. Some of my friends call it madness, some heroism, some whim, but I believe that something in me changed after to make the transition.

So today, at three o'clock in the night, I remembered the words of one friend, future trip and felt a burning fear of all that lies ahead for me.

Full of suspense, not only in the campaign, but in life in general, because I decided that the trip would be for me the reason radical changes throughout. And with all this I do not fully understand how reasonable received. Second night in a row

I have nightmares. Today, for example, I unsuccessfully tried to find a way out of an ancient labyrinth, guided by the glow of fireflies. And waking up in a cold sweat, I suddenly thought, even soon felt I knew the answer to all the questions troubling me.

So write it before I forget, as long as there inspiration convey it to those who are looking for and can not find. It is so obvious that it seems incredible. You just need to keep moving. Once deciding something for yourself, no matter how crazy

it may seem your decision, you need to move forward towards its goal. Even if you personally it seems unreal. The worst thing that happens in life - inaction. I described in my art book

"Ghost and I" woman caught in eighty-odd years on the bench in the hospital, regretting the missed opportunities. Many of us did the same thing. Once in an uncomfortable situation for them, they begin to be afraid to change it.

"What if I leave my husband and never find a replacement for him?" "What if the job change will hurt me? I will earn less? ""

As I look at the surrounding, if I take a step towards a career of your dreams? "" Who of my friends was able to lose weight without pills much? "And the list goes on. The more items, the fewer responses.

One day you just wake up and say to myself, "Enough! I made the decision (and no matter what it concerns slimming or any other aspect of life), and now I will not retreat, and just start moving in another direction. "

I am in no way saying that to immediately throw all habitual way of life and begin to move in the opposite direction, not at all. This is the most stupid thing you can do in an uncertain situation.

When it's difficult to decide physically, mentally, I accept it, and then doing something every day to get closer to the dream. And let me now scared -

I just squeezes his eyes shut and intuitively move forward. Future sounds crazy, and my future is shrouded in fog, but I do know that in the end, everything always good. And if still not good, then it's not the end.

From the Editor: Kate wrote this column 10 days ago. She is now in Spain and has gone to Santiago. And now travels the country to gain experience for a new book. On her trip she tells in one of the next column. And we sincerely wish her a speedy and safe return home!

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