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Homeopathic HCG Vs Prescription HCG drops for weight loss

Nov 15th 2015 at 10:20 AM

Losing weight is one of the difficult goals to achieve. It needs a whole lot of mental preparation, focus and strength. Half of the population in US spend thousands of dollars to find the right weight loss product and end up with no results. If you are deeply discouraged, there is something to smile, to succeed in your weight loss journey.

The HCG diet is what I am talking about. HCG has been gaining wide popularity among the dieters due to its effective results in losing weight fast. HCG is a female  hormone produced from the placenta during a woman's pregnancy. HCG is sold in the market in different forms – capsules, drops, injections and pellets. The HCG drops are itself available in two forms – homeopathic and non-homeopathic HCG drops.

Homeopathic HCG drops

Homeopathic Hcg drops are referred to as HCG drops, which are homeopathic supplements used for losing fat. Homeopathy literally means taking a substance and diluting it over and over with water, this solution continues until the final dilution contains none of the original substance. This is what happens with homeopathic Hcg drops. This means that homeopathic HCG has no HCG, rather HCG drops are just water added with vitamin B12, thathas no weight loss effect on your body.

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Prescription HCG drops

On the other hand prescription HCG drops are real HCG drops that provide you with real weight loss results when used in conjuction with HCG diet. Prescription HCG drops are available from both local store and online HCG pharmacies in the US. Prescription HCG drops are available only when you have the doctor's prescription. The more heavier you are, the more beneficial these prescription HCG drops will be for you.

Homeopathic HCG drops VS prescription HCG drops

Prescription HCG drops are more effective than homeopathic HCG drops if your weight loss goals are pretty high. If you are fairly large, and have got lots of pounds to go, you will surely want prescription HCG drops to get started with.

On the other hand, homeopathic drops are strongly encouraged only if you have got less than 25 pounds to lose. Some grades of homeopathic HCG include lipotropics and metabolic boosters to enhance the performance of HCG. It also provides the body with nutrition, protection and increased metabolism.

For those who have high weight loss requirement, prescription HCG drops are recommneded. This form of HCG os referred to as DIY HCG drops, because you will need to mix the solution yourself when you receive the product. This is because, once the solution is mixed, you need to refrigerate the solution to remain active. All manufacturers of HCG have their own unique instruction guide, so you need not worry about the usage of Hcg drops. When you are ready to use it, drop the HCG in appropriate dosage directly onto the soft tissue under the tongue  and allow it to absorb.

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Possible side effects of prescribed HCG drops

The possibility of side effects of prescribed HCG drops is just 10%, however a small majority of people may experience some unwanted symptoms normally due to excessive use of HCG. These symptoms may include:

Nausea, vomiting

Increase in weight

Shortness of breath

Stomach pain with swelling

Well, now you have come to know about the pros and cons of homeopathic and prescription HCG drops, its now your turn to choose which HCG you want to buy.


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