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Healthy low-calorie diet food

Sep 30th 2014 at 1:18 AM

Lunch in the past did not take long belly and playing drums, But can only watch helplessly delicious snacks. In fact, eating low-calorie snacks will not be so easy to get fat, But also help prevent excessive hunger and violent act of eating! So, except botanical slimming, there are other food can help lose weight. Now let us see what a healthy low-calorie diet food!

Prune is rich in vitamins and minerals, calcium, iron, magnesium, and potassium. And it is rich in dietary fiber and pectin, Can help digestion and soft stools. Prune containing vitamin C and calcium, the most iron. Long-term consumption, to maintain normal metabolic function, Delicate skin, not easy to accumulate fat in the body, To reach the weight loss.

Konjac jelly sugar 
Konjac contains soluble fiber, helps gastrointestinal motility, And strong absorbent, easy to have stomach flu after eating. Konjac low heat, heat a small cup of instant konjac mainly from added sugar, So long as the choice of low-sugar recipe, also regarded as a healthy choice.

Trendy low-fat Mitton 
This does not mean that the traditional rice or Thai rice through coke, But low-sugar, low salt, no pork or peanut pine, Without fried healthy rice, including waxy barley, etc. Nutritious and low-fat healthy, also called "rice cakes." Although it is a lighter taste, but low in fat and stomachs, Not easy to eat too much, is a good snack, nothing more healthy bite bite.

6 cups of microwave popcorn 
When you crave a big part of snacks, But does not require excessive heat, the popcorn to help. 
Some microwave brands six cups just 100 calories. You just need to eat slowly, satisfaction will be felt. At the same time, it contains a lot of dietary fiber to help you have a more long-satiety.

Fourteen almonds 
Running around when you need something to eat, No kind of snack is more convenient than dried fruit. Fourteen almonds will not exceed 100 calorie limit. In addition, it is rich in dietary fiber and protein, will make the stomach feel full of satiety. Almond easy to carry, the play or at work can carry some.

Control the amount of intake of snacks, quality control is the key. No matter what kind of food consumption and food quality are the key to weight the decision. Like many girls love yogurt to lose weight, but if you drink too much, Or choose the wrong type, only more mellow. Even plain yogurt, also contain sugar components. If strawberry yogurt, more red pigment added. The sugar and food coloring purpose is to neutralize the acidity of the original yogurt, And to allow the appearance looks good, Let taste more suitable for human consumption in general, But such is not suitable for yogurt minus body fat you want, but due to gain more fat.

Be sure to use yogurt to lose weight eating sugar-free yogurt, Best to use skim milk made. 200c.c. empty stomach before eating yogurt, Add yogurt or eat a fruit salad vegetables, Then eat dinner in general. Because the relationship between fasting yogurt can reduce the feeling effectively, They are able to achieve weight loss results. If coupled with eight large glasses of water a day for drinking, More accelerated metabolism of the body of waste and toxins, then it will be more convenient to be thinner.

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