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Health and Safety Tips for Your Life Style

Nov 10th 2014 at 3:06 AM

Healthy lifestyle offers amazing short term as well as long term benefits. If you want to enjoy your life, then good health is the most important factor. Therefore it is important to understand merits of investing your time and energy to achieve good health.

Factors contributing to lifestyle diseases

Easy access to fast food and sugary beverages is adding to the growing calorie intake of modern generation. This is also supported by hectic lifestyle that leads to cramming of food into our systems.

If you consider different features of modern adult population, then you will find that most of the adults do not exercise and suffer from stressful lives. Obesity and hypertension are the commonest medical problems faced by today’s adults.

These are disturbing facts indeed! We can only imagine the plight of our adult population after ten years. Things can certainly be reversed by following safety and health tips.

Overeating is usually the result of eating in haste. When we eat in hurry, there is a delay in receiving the signal of satiation from the brain and we tend to continue eating even when our stomach is full.

Significance of diet and exercise

Your daily diet should consist of salads and fruits to larger extent. Ideally your breakfast should be your largest meal and the dinner should be the smallest in terms of the quantity as well as calories.

Drinking sufficient water every day is a key to prevent many of the kidney disorders. If you are used to drink enough water, then you will have less chances of developing kidney stones.

There are many disadvantages of not doing regular exercise. Obesity, excess build up of cholesterol, heart diseases, and many other conditions are related to sedentary lifestyles.

One good thing about exercise is that almost every individual can design a moderate exercise program depending on the physical status. You need not be young and energetic to begin workouts. Many people who have crossed their middle age follow regular exercise schedule.

Yoga is the best form of exercise for majority of people. The breathing exercises improve your lung functions. The asanas have immense potential to tone up your body and improve flexibility.

Prevention of age related conditions is best achieved by exercising regularly. It offers number of benefits such as:

· calorie burning,

· toning up of muscles,

· improving stamina

· preventing weight gain

· improving immunity status

Ideally you should follow a specific exercise routine on all weekdays, however if you are doing it at least for four to five days, it is okay.

If you are suffering from any musculoskeletal, cardiac or lung disorder, then it is better to seek physician’s advice before hitting the gym or beginning any exercise routine.

Prevention of fractures, especially in old age Is possible by achieving optimum bone mineral density (BMD). Low BMD can lead to fractures such as hip fractures in older women. Proper intake of calcium through daily diet consisting of milk, yogurt, or low fat cheese can be of great help.

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