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HCG Drops Aren't Effective For Weight Loss, Experts Say

Nov 15th 2015 at 10:24 AM


HCG drops with the magical HCG hormone that helps people lose weight when all other methods have failed them is under the scrutiny. If you are to choose between the users who had successful weight loss by using the HCG drops and the experts, it will be a tougher time, they differ in their pinions completely. When the users vouch that HCG drops did wonders in their body and helped them lose X number of pounds in Y number of days, the experts come forward saying HCG drops are not effective for weight loss, or at least are not scientifically proven to be an effective method of weight loss.

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What they say?

The experts say that HCG drops is approved as a fertility treatment but is not approved to be a weight loss method. Any weight loss the users may have experienced came from the strict low calorie diet. The hormone in the HCG drops has had no effect in the weight loss process and cannot be trusted as an agent for weight loss. They also are of opinion that any crash diet with a low calorie diet as low as 500 calories a day is like a punishment which is bound to show its consequence as loss of body weight within a short while. The body really lacks the enough input for energy production and will find its source within the body and lose the weight.

What do the users lose in actual?

The experts say that the weight loss experienced could be the muscle weight rather than the actual stored fat. The loss of muscle weight is sure to bounce back once the person is back to the normal diet. As for the reduced appetite, the low calorie diet will slow down the metabolism of the body and that will have an impact on the appetite as well. Here the HCG drops has got nothing to do with the appetite suppression or have any influence on the metabolism.

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What more stands against the HCG drops?

The other fact that most HCG drops are sold online without any doctor’s prescription is another back mark against it. There can be no guarantee that the HCG drops really contain the actual hormone in it. Moreover, most of the HCG drops are of homeopathic drops which have further lesser amount of HCG in it.

The claim of these homeopathic HCG drops itself makes the major blow to the claim that HCG drops can bring the weight loss. Here the amount of HCG is very low and yet people lose weight means, this hormone has got very minimal to do with the actual weight loss and any loss happens will have to be due to the very low calorie restriction.

What to do then?

Since all these information leads to one thing that the use of HCG drops for effective weight loss is questionable and only the very low calorie diet seems to be effective, why spend money on the HCG drops? The manufacturers of HCG drops may be looting you. The experts are not suggesting anything and they leave everything to you as you sure can decide what is best for you and your body.


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