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Get Your Best Body Fast

Dec 20th 2010 at 6:50 PM

A “best body” is when you can do your daily activities with energy and ease. It is not being sexy or bulky or massive, but that it enables you to do what you need to do without aches and pains. Of course it helps if it makes you more attractive.

With obesity currently costing more than a billion dollar annually (and rising), getting your best body is difficult for most. It can take months of toil, sweat, and difficult-to-follow dieting programs. But there is no alternative to having a good feeling about self, walk down the street in a stride or do a lot of things other people can just watch and imagine.

How to get your best body fast:

To get your best body fast, your desire must be first and foremost. If you can keep it strong enough you can easily do the following to set you off on your journey:

1. Get more protein into your diet:

Eating protein burns up more calories than eating carbohydrates or fat. Proteins can suppress your craving for food, makes you feel “full;”

2. Eat more:

No, not a huge meal in one go but five or six smaller meals instead of three big meals a day. Get as much as 300 - 400 calories per meal. A feeling of a little hunger is ok, but don’t go really hungry otherwise your body will go into survival mode and slows down its calorie burn rate. Calories consumption for women is about 1,800 per day and 2,000 for men;

Drink at least 128 ounces of water per day. This speeds up calorie burn rate.

3. Lose fat by eating fat:

Weird? Not really. Polyunsaturated fats from (Omega 3) fish and nuts and monounsaturated fats from peanut butter, olive oil, egg yolk, and fish oil. These build muscles and allow you to recover faster from workouts.

4. Build muscles through high intensity weight training:

A pound of muscle is smaller than a pound of fat. And they look better, too. High intensity weigh exercises keep your metabolism high for at least 39 hours after you’re done. Building muscles is a good way of keeping your motivation up. How? Which is better to look in the mirror, a flabby tummy or a flat abs?

Adding 10 pounds of muscles in your body will definitely make you look better. For women wanting to be sexy? Cardio exercises won’t work, only weight training does.

5. Get enough sleep:

This is mostly overlooked, but sleeping less than 7 - 8 hrs a day can wreak havoc on your desire to get your “best body” fast.

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