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Get Trim Fast

Dec 5th 2010 at 6:51 PM

In the genes or in the mind?

A friend, 36 yr-old woman with two children in their teens, looks just a few years older than them. And to show it off, she loves her pictures, in skimpy bikinis and lingeries, taken. She thinks her lovely figure is a gift. Gift to mankind?

On the other hand, I can think myself thin. A doctor friend, herself overweight, could not believe it. But I do manage to keep my weight steady at 145 lbs by thinking it to be that way. Of course, I do exercise and I don’t indulge much on food.

Not many, however, have this uncanny way of staying slim and trim. They have to struggle to get rid of the slightest trace of excess fat. To these type of people are the following to

1. Drink lots of water:

A “must” if you are serious in getting trim fast. How much? Different sources recommend different doses. Settle on what is comfortable for you. The purpose is to minimize your craving for food. A full glass of water after each meal is something never to forget, though.

2. No sugar, please:

Getting trim fast is impossible if you gorge on sweet foods. Research shows that people who minimize their sugar intake lost as average of five pounds more than those who didn’t.

3. Got lots of sleep:

Lack of sleep affects the secretion of cortisol, a hormone that regulates appetite. It’s common for people on graveyards shifts to gain weight. Seven hours of undisturbed sleep is ideal for your body to rejuvenate itself.

4. Be active:

Idleness and getting trim fast are not compatible. Weights, though good, are not necessary. A daily 10-min walk up and down a flight of stairs can easily burn up 100 calories. Do something that you love to do just to burn up your excess fat.

5. Go low-carb:

Dieting is not starving, as most people take it to be. It’s eating the right kinds of food. Taking more of the low carbs in vegetables and fruits can help you get trim fast. The nutrients and fibers in complex carbohydrates digest more slowly giving you a feeling of being full a lot longer than a slice of cake. I tried vegetarian dish for a week. My weight plummeted so fast I looked emaciated.

A necessity, of sorts:

For people with health problems, getting trim fast is a matter of survival. For the rest of us, it is a matter of choice. But a choice we must take before we belong to those who need it to survive.

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