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Enhance the quality of sleep to play the maximum effect of losing weight

Oct 27th 2014 at 2:26 AM

Maybe you have known sleep can lose weight. To slimĀ  while sleeping is indeed a very pleasant thing. However, in life always a lot of factors will affect your sleep, so, how to sleep can better achieve the effect of reducing weight? Below let's have a look at how to improve the quality of sleep, making sleep play its strongest effect reducing weight!

Keep a good bedtime habit

Before going to bed you should not conduct too intense exercise, if the brain in the excited state,you maybe can not sleep well until 2 point . Before going to bed to read, listening to light music, fragrance, ablution, let the body relax activity, it is easy to fall asleep. If you love surfing the Internet in the evening, watching TV ,you should pay attention to control of the time, so as not to forget the sleep time.

Before going to bed not eating

In about two hours before sleep eat little dinner, don't drink too much water, because at night going the toilet will affect the quality of sleep. If you often eat in the evening playing computer, then, slim is farther and farther away from you. If you feel hungry at night, can the yogurt, Vegetable & Fruit as your supper, as long as good control of the amount, they can be also regarded very good diet food!

The choice of exercise time

Exercise is the best way to burn fat. However, do not blindly do the movement, mode of motion and movement time will affect the weight loss effect. The afternoon is the best time to exercise for sleep and regular aerobic exercise can improve the quality of sleep at night.

Insist on regular schedules

Weekend sleeping late and getting up late has become a very bad habit for modern people. However, these bad habits will hinder your weight loss plan. If you sleep late on Saturday late Sunday, then Sunday night you may be insomnia, so that sleep quality also will greatly drop. In addition, sleeping late usually results in excessive calorie intake!

In short, adequate sleep will bring a sense of satiety, so you in the good spirit will consciously continue to lose weight. On the contrary, lack of sleep will disrupt the endocrine balance, reduce the alkaloid that helps your lose body weight, increase alkaloids in vivo to accelerate hunger, as a result ,though your body does not have the eating need, but you still feel hungry and eat. So, in fact, sleep is really the most low-cost, simple method reducing weight.Botanical Slimming Soft Gel is also a good option for quick slimming effect without rebound and it is designed based on basic body mechanism,naturally help you reduce excess body fat.

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