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Do I need to lose weight in the fall?

Jul 24th 2014 at 11:09 PM

Gloomy autumn days affect the shape and unfavorable. As found by Scottish scientists , lack of sunlight leads to a deficit of vitamin D. This, in turn, leads to reduced production of the hormone leptin, responsible for the feeling of satiety

As a result, a person does not feel that gorged and overeat. Thus, autumn attempt to diet entails additional difficulties. Lack of vitamin D can make to include in the diet of mushrooms , eggs, fatty fish.

People have struggled with being overweight is not always the case. It was the time when food was simple and healthy. It was the means of existence, the source of

energy for life. But not a cult. However, with increasing human welfare food becomes available, there were new products overseas, and people drowned in their own weaknesses.

Today the whole of Europe frantically struggling with obesity. And for the first time with this problem facing humanity in the XIX century. However ,

while overweight was the privilege of the nobility. It was at that time and began to appear the first diet. Often they were so extravagant, that's amazing. So, the top 10 most bizarre diets of the past:

Acetic diet for weight loss
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The first documentary evidence of deliberate and consistent diet is present in the biography of Lord Byron (the beginning of the XIX century). Being a man nehilym he violently sought to lose weight and achieve a "noble pallor." For what to give up meat and took exercise. However, neither the one nor the other pallor he did not add.

A blush was not in vogue. Because the Lord began to soak the food in vinegar and even simply drink acid, spreading it with water.

The hope was to break down fat vinegar property. Pallor, then Lord has made, that's just died in his prime. By modern standards, even the young - Byron was not in 36 years. An autopsy showed that the internal organs were very worn Lord.

Acetic diet gained a rebirth in America 1970. Her supporters drank a few spoonfuls of apple cider vinegar before meals to suppress appetite. For those who could not stand the taste acid, were even invented vinegar tablets. However, the properties of vinegar pohudatelnye people obviously overestimated. The same effect has a glass of water drunk before dinner.

Chewing Diet
At the dawn of the twentieth century has picked up the baton irresponsible Diet Dr. Horace Fletcher (Horace Fletcher). Fletcher said that he managed to lose 18 kg exclusively chewing method. Doctor advised contemporaries chew each bite of food at least 30 times, whether it is meat, semolina or a sip of jelly. Still chew! Chewing diet has become incredibly popular and mass. "The theory of long-chewing" spread among wealthy

people and ordinary citizens. Hooked on it all - from the writer Henry James, millionaire John D. Rockefeller to students of military academies. Fletcher called the very same Great Chopper.

Banana Diet for Weight Loss
In 1934, the United States was developed, perhaps the most attractive in the history of nutrition diet for a sweet tooth. Its author - Dr. George Harrop. And the weight loss process consisted of eating bananas with cream ... (Bananas & Skim Milk Diet).

But the ending was not so rosy and delicious. On this diet, few lost, because it was hidden advertising banana company United Fruit Co. Although bananas and cream there is nothing harmful, on the contrary, use many: digestible protein, calcium, potassium, vitamins. However, in the difficult process of losing excess weight, creamy banana diet naturally proved to be ineffective. And about the ethics of such advertising and did not speak.

Alcohol Diet
Perhaps, it is the oldest and most thoughtless attempt to lose weight extraordinary way. She is the first author's diet. Historians believe its inventor William the Conqueror, King of England (1027/28-1087). At some point, the king faced with an annoying problem - no horse could not overpower his fat figure. Then brave Wilhelm decided to completely abandon food, replacing it with beer and wine. How such a diet to be effective, history is silent, as soon her inventor died after falling from a horse. Unknown, however, how much and what the king drank before perched on a horse, to destroy him.

Explosive diet

But back in the twentieth century. It was then floated to the public most, perhaps, terrible diet modernity. In the 1930s, American doctors have noticed a sharp drop in weight from a warehouse worker who had contact with paints, preparations for baiting insects and explosives. What made them lose weight? Doctors found that in those products that have been stored in warehouses contained dinitroferol - a substance that increases the metabolism and therefore burns the fat stores of the body. People simply lose weight from the poison.

After detection of such "miraculous" properties dinitroferol began to use even in the Soviet Army soldiers for toning. In America, the same vehicle with such a composition is widely advertised and used for weight loss. Dinitroferol took a total of more than 100 000 people. Several deaths and cases of vision loss stop this nightmare.

Wormy diet

History has preserved the fact that our ancestors were buried in a pile of manure to quickly postroynet. Effect of natural saunas worked, but not as fast as we would like. A truly sensational way slimming steel tapeworms and worms. Last swallowed jockeys at the races and riders in the circus. They are required by the nature of the service quickly lose excess weight.

Parasites were in vogue in the first two decades of the twentieth century. In a newspaper advertisement that time frequent mention extract pills tapeworm. What really got in the bubble fearless buyers not known. Proponents of this method truly radical slimming argued that it can be used to lose 3-5 pounds a week. Some explain this miraculous diet weight loss one of the greatest singers of the twentieth century, Maria Callas. For 16 months she lost 35 pounds.

In the late 1990s in the CIS all lost weight on the mysterious "Thai pills." There is a version that is "it" was. In a pack sold 2 tablets: first launched into the body of the worm larvae of the parasite, the second - to kill it when the desired weight has been reached.

Diet "Goldfish"

Such a "Worms", only "fish" diet has been popular in America in the late 1930s. Then another dietary fever has gripped the United States. People swallow live fish to accidents helped them cope with eaten inside. And it all started with a question: Harvard University graduate won the bet, for $ 10 innocent swallowing fish. This event marked the beginning of the mass extermination of dumb creatures. When a pet is not left fish, newspapers began to publish medical calls to stop and think again, because swallowing live fish (which are often inhabited by parasites) may be hazardous to health.

Smoky diet

By the mid-twentieth century pohudatelnye fever reached such a scale that only a fool would not cashed in on this. To slim series psevdodietologov joined and tobacco magnates. Cigarettes became promoted as a means to lose weight and maintain a slim figure for a long time, without the efforts and sacrifices. The slogan "Take a cigarette instead of candy" is so entrenched in the minds of that to this day many people believe nicotine. Models and teenage girls deliberately smoke. Besides the usual reasons of adults inability to quit smoking is often called the very same: I do not want to recover.

Sleepy diet

Replacing meals sleep also called "Sleeping Beauty diet." You sleep instead of eat or suffer from hunger and violence against them. Just eat sleeping pills and put to bed, and the waist is reduced, because the body for long hours does not receive the required energy.

The idea of ​​fighting with gusto using sleeping pills that can compete only with drinking vinegar or non-stop chewing. However, this method has been popular, and how! In 1976, it lit up even the King of Rock and Roll Elvis Presley. Say Elvis "resting" on this menu a few days before the show to get into his legendary white pants.

Diet "barnyard"

It is also called the "last chance diet» (The last chance diet). Indeed, this could only go from despair! In the late 1970s, Dr. Roger Linn invented Prolinn - «miracle drink for weight loss" based on the horns, hooves, skins, bones, tendons and other slaughterhouse waste. Very extravagant option completely discourages appetite.

Its function this cocktail served well. Still, after all the accompanying recommendations to the "protein" drink talked about abstinence from food. Several times a day were allowed to violate the cruel post reception "proline". Glass "vkusnyatinki" contains less than 400 calories. Dr. Lynn drink very soon recognized harmful.

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