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Diet Plans That Suck: The HCG Diet for weight loss

Nov 15th 2015 at 10:58 AM

HCG diet has been in the market for quite a while now and there are many dieters who are willing to take the risk of shaping their body in every which they can even if it involves side effects. HCG diet is one such bane on the body that can sometimes cause irreversible damages on health.


How it works

Let's get the fact right, you eat 500 calories, take a shot, pop a pill or place few drops under the tongue and you lose weight. Ya right...!!! In real life things don't work that way and its easier said than done. The HCG i.e. Human Chorionic Gonadotrophin is supposed to get rid of excess fat and not muscle.

Many people recommend HCG diet for one simple reason that it results in rapid weight loss. I am not denying that you will not lose weight, will but not in a good way. The faster you lose, the rapid you will gain back the weight you have just shed. This is because its a temporary way to get rid of excess weight and once you are off the hook you will go back to sniffling a smorgasboard.

Ever changing body

Let's face it you where never the same you were 10 years ago. Body change is an inevitable part of human life and the more you are willing to accept it your lifestyle will better for you.

Many marketers push the selling point that the hcg hormone will make you lose weight better than ever. But it is also true that there are no scientific points to prove this fact. They also claim that it will suppress the appetite and make you feel good. There are several studies that disapprove of this fact.

In fact by 2011, FDA claimed that the hcg pills, drops and sprays are quite fraudulent and illegal. So what does the marketers do? They began 'hormone-free' pills and other products that contain amino acids which claim to deliver equivalent results.

Why HCG diet sucks

Now many may wonder simply eating 500 calories may work even though you are incorporating Hcg in your daily diet. No way dude, you will be in for a lot of trouble later.

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These very low calorie diets that term rapid weight loss generally kick out an excitement for obese people who want to look good and toned. However its deceptive. Why?

Because the body produces glycogen from the carb foods that you eat. For every gram of glycogen you need at least 3-4grams of water for storage. As weight loss rule says that you need to limit your carb foods, less the glycogen resulting in limitation of water intake. Of course, you will fat but those are water and not the primary fat. A study was conducted where dieters were required to consume 300 calories a day but at the end, water counted to 21-31% of the total weight that they lost.

So what happens when you get pass the dietary phase. You will begin to eat normally that will speed up the intake of carbs resulting water weight again.

Another reason why hcg diet sucks is because you are required to restrict your calories which will result not only in losing water, chubby fat but also the muscles too. This is not a proportionate weight loss and there are many dieters who ended up looking skinny after many starvation diets. Weaker the body muscles, lesser your life span.

Such calorie restriction also leads to severe hunger, irritative hehavior, depression and discomfort.

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Healthy weight loss

This might discourage a few and led them to believing that limiting the calories does not work. But wait before you jump into conclusion.

If you are quite serious about losing weight, then I say better to adopt natural methods to lose weight such as cutting the calorie intake that comes often from carbonated drinks, fried/junk foods, sugary stuff etc. that are the prominent causes of weight loss. It is also important to have a good workout for your body at least 30-60 minutes a day. You can practice meditation to get rid of stress and anxiety, getting adequate sleep such as 7-8 hours of sleep that also has a major role in making you obese.

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