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Denver Eating Disorder

Dec 22nd 2014 at 1:57 AM

Major Causes And Symptoms of Being a Bulimic Patient

denver eating disorder

Bulimia nervosa is a type of eating disorder behavior and bulimic person eats large amounts of food in a short time and then tries to prevent weight gain by purging. In this context the purge may be performed in the following ways:

•    Induced vomiting
•    Taking laxatives for bowel movement
•    Getting plenty of exercise
•    Eating too little or longer fast
•    Taking water pills


Bulimia is more than just a problem with food. Purging and other behaviors to prevent weight gain are the ways in which people with bulimia feel in control of their lives and reduce their stress and anxiety. There is no single known cause of bulimia, but it appears that there are several factors that play a significant role in its development.

I – Biological Factors

Studies currently are underway to identify which genes, hormones and brain neurotransmitters can have an effect on the development and recovery from bulimia.

II – Cultural Factors

In some cultures, it is ideal to be extremely thin as women are defined how beautiful they are on the basis of being thin.

III – Personal Feelings

Some people with bulimia may feel bad about themselves, feel despair and hate their appearance.

IV – Stressful Life Events or Changes

The changing of things like school or work, being an object of jokes or traumatic events such as rape may lead to the development of bulimia.

V – Family Factors

The attitude of parents to the appearance and diet affects their children. If mother or sister has suffered of bulimia, the person is more likely to develop it.


People with bulimia may be thin, obese or normal weight which makes it difficult to know if someone has the disorder. However, many people with bulimia have the following symptoms;

1 – Employing extreme measures to lose weight

•    Taking diet pills, water pills or laxatives
•    Going to bathroom every time after eating (to vomit most probably)
•    Doing much exercise, even in bad weather, even if tired, ill or injured

2 – Shows signs of vomiting

•    Swelling of cheeks or jaw area
•    Cuts and calluses on the back of hands and knuckles
•    Teeth discoloration

3 – Acts differently

•    Being depressed
•    Don’t see friends or participate in activities around

denver eating disorder

If you see can observe the symptoms clearly for a few months with changes in body shape, you are recommended to take immediate action and make a contact with an experienced therapist for starting the eating disorder treatment Denver and get rid of the problem as fast as possible.

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