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Death A Current Unbeatable Foe But Science is Slowly Progressing

Dec 3rd 2010 at 7:22 AM

Living longer is often about attitude. Having an optimistic view on the world will help one to live a brighter life. For instance, while reading the newspaper people should omit the obituary pages and emphasis on the funniest pages.

The very fact that you are turning 90 doesn’t mean that you are old. Old or Young is simply a state of mind.

During times of depression or sickness preaching about anti-aging and longevity is often overwhelmed with negative thoughts. Brain-teasing questions begin to pop-up as longevity researches become imaginary acquainted to pseudo-scientific BS;

1. Is it really possible to achieve extreme longevity?
2. Maybe the Hayflick Limit is the limit of lifespan? Life can be extended with 10 years or so but that might be the limit.
3. What if calorie restrictions lead to osteoporosis since people are weakened through years of starvation?
4. What if the people who have been frozen have already cracked up to several pieces?
5. What if we are already genetically adapted for dairy and grain products?

All these brain teasing questions might pop-up in times of hardship but research has already confirmed that; the hayflick limit can be infinite; calorie restrictions improve overall health; modern cryonic conserve body parts with high efficiency.

Death might be a challenge that we have to lose. Is an indefinite lifespan a foolish thought that we will never be able to overcome? It isn’t a foolish thought. You might see your hair turn grey after having been deprived from bacon cheeseburgers, chocolate milkshake and French fries for years. Nevertheless, this doesn’t mean that you won’t live longer. For instance, people who drink and proceed with unhealthy life practices are likely to fall into the aging trap and die early from age-related illnesses. William Blake once said “The fool who persists in his folly will become wise!” but wise in unhealthy practices is deadly.

Eventually, if death is an unbeatable foe then we all stay to die. We might thus have to write our wills indeed.

David Kekich, says that radical life extension will probably not occur in our lifespan. So we will certainly have to die, this applies equally to future generations such as our grand-kids. Anti-aging research is still far from extreme progress, and our lifespans are simply too short.

The metaphorical comparison of our body to that of parts of a vehicle is a very interesting one. However, our liver is not akin to that of an oil filter and our heart is neither a combustion chamber.

The whole sphere might change in the future. Definitely, Aubrey de Grey might be right that in the near future there will be organ banks and organ replacement will be fully possible. The day when technology advancement will fully support organ transplant then our immune system can be boost up.

It is important to consume the right type of diets. Poor diets and inappropriate supplements can cause degradation to older mitochondria. At the cellular level, our body will continue to disintegrate until it goes beyond possible reparation. It will probably lead us down to cancer. Currently fighting cancer in our old days is deadly, most people are unable to survive chemotherapy at an advanced age. However, technology is gradually introducing preventive treatments to avoid cancer to develop.

Anti-aging is a prominent field of discovery. It helps us to live healthier for a longer period. In the forthcoming future, we don’t know what awaits us. Human immortality might be far-away but human longevity is a current phenomenon

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