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I am interested in losing weight and eating in healthy manner.
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Hello alll!
1 year ago

Crossfit for endurance athlestes

Jul 13th 2015 at 7:51 AM

If an athlete is trying to improve their lifting, and we apply the same approach as that of some endurance programmes, then all we need to do is add more volume, week on week, and that athlete will get better at the lifts. Right? Wrong. The technical aspects are a priority, which is why most strength and conditioning coaches will drill in the correct technique and skill required to perform the lifts, before increasing load and volume. As is the case with most CrossFit gyms, new athletes will perform hours of exhaustive repetitions with a PVC pipe before they're allowed to load a bar. i learned most of this from, if you are interested, you can check them out here.

However, technique is seldom taught to new runners or cyclists. There is a greater focus in swimming coaching as it is perceived as more technical, but the truth is that there is a right and wrong way to perform these activities. Accordingly, all endurance athletes should seek the advice of a skilled and experienced coach who specialises in a specific discipline.

They'll be able to condition the body to cope with the stresses imposed on it by the sport by ensuring the body moves correctly and efficiently. This is done by perfecting technique, which requires strength and endurance. Adding load and/or volume to the programme is not going to make an athlete any better, at least until the athlete’s technique is optimal and his body isconditioned to handle the stress of training and racing. If these parameters aren't met then all that training can break the body down.

One way of achieving this, which is growingin popularity, is incorporating CrossFit into an endurance training programme. The main idea of using CrossFit to improve endurance is to reduce the time spent doing long slow distance (LSD) training, which takes hours and generally breaks the body down. CrossFit adds intensity to training, which improves performance and helps to rebuild some of the muscle tissue lost during extensive aerobic training.

One of the very few drawbacks of high intensity training is that it can speed up the onset of overtraining. However, CrossFit allows athletes to spend time in various energy systems. Most intense training session last no more than 20 minutes, which ensures the athlete gets all the benefits listed, while reducing the total time spent training, through a process known as compensation.

The body will then adapt and grow stronger, which enables it to better manage the stresses imposed on it during training and racing. A stronger athlete is also able to maintain proper form for longer, making them more efficient in terms of energy expenditure and movement patterns over longer periods of time.

Obviously one cannot simply add CrossFit training to an already crazy endurance training schedule. As already mentioned, CrossFit training should minimise the time spent on LSD training. As such, endurance athletes should restructure their programmes, swopping one or two days a week of specific training for CrossFit or weight training. If these guidelines aren't followed then overtraining becomes a real threat.

In addition, CrossFit also incorporates many other elements that are importantfor endurance athletes, such as core work and unilateral training. When someone says they do CrossFit, it means they train their body using as many training methods and energy systems as possible to achieve the best general fitness they can. The well-planned and structured variety of exercises, movements, routines and complexes all come together to create the ultimate training system for the average person who wants to train their entire body to handle anything life can throw at them. Accordingly, if it's incorporated correctly into an endurance training programme it can do the same for any runner, cyclist, triathlete or swimmer

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