Create Sustainable Nutrition Habits as Crash Diets will Fail you

Oct 4th 2015 at 11:08 PM

It’s a proven fact that majority of people who go on a diet usually fail within the first few weeks, if not days. Even those who manage to stay on their diet usually find that once they get back to their normal eating habits, they put all the weight back on. If you have experienced this before, you have no doubt felt demoralized and perhaps even given up on getting to the right body fat percentage. Crash diets usually fail because they are too drastic and they tend to be crammed within a short time. As well, since the body is put in starvation mode, it interprets the end of the dieting period as a sign that starvation is over and there’s abundance of food. Survival mode kicks in and your body starts to retain all the nutrients that you are consuming, in preparation for the next starvation cycle.

Since the key is to build sustainable eating behaviors, the first rule you have to remember when making nutrition choices is to not adopt a meal plan meant for a pro athlete. If you know you can’t maintain habits like eating only egg whites, no carbs, chicken without skin, lean beef and large portions of vegetables with every meal, it’s better not to go down that road because sooner than later, you will fall off the wagon. You have to remember that pro-athletes live their lives under a microscope; they have trainers and nutritionists who ensure that they stay healthy even on extreme diets. If you go on a diet without this type of support, you will be putting your body in danger by denying it fats, proteins and even vitamins. This could expose your body to illnesses, muscle waste, eating disorders, mood swings and even irrational behavior. Supplements like amino acids, multivitamins and protein supplements taken as protein shakes, are used for replenishing nutrition reserves depleted as a result of going on a diet. If you go on a diet, make sure you consume these supplements.

The second rule is to be aware of the roller coaster of calorie counting. Extreme diets involve counting and weighing everything that’s going into your body. This can get very overwhelming and it can unfortunately cause you to become obsessive about calorie counting. Again, only pro-athletes who are under consistent monitoring by nutritionists can achieve accurate calorie counting. Stick to less stressful methods of controlling what goes into your body, such as using your fist to measure portions. You don’t need to cut your calories in half to start reducing weight. Reduce by a modest amount and slowly start incorporating exercise and before you know it, you will be fit and lean. Rule three of sustainable nutrition is to avoid being taken in by all the information you read discrediting certain foods. Unless you are already pre-disposed to certain illnesses, there’s absolutely no need to avoid foods such as egg yolk or other foods termed as dangerous. Lastly, for prolonged health, always include supplements in your diet. To find supplements at an affordable cost, you can check in stores that give discount for supplements.

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