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Children’s Health and Healthy Eating

Sep 13th 2010 at 11:46 PM

You might be taking things a bit too casually as far as the health of your child is concerned, but sooner or later you may regret it. It is a fact that more and more kids are getting addicted to junk food. They hate home made food and are more at ease with hot dogs and other junk foods. As a responsible parent, it is time that you realized that these junk foods are slowly taking their toll on your child and that sooner or later they will end up being obese. When did you last take the weight of your child?

Have you ever observed that they hardly exercise and are slowly becoming couch potatoes? It is high time that you took some steps to identify the harmful effects of obesity in your kids since the same leads to a number of health problems like: Asthma, high blood pressure, sleep apnea, and high cholesterol levels. A part of the blame lies in the current generation models too. Our kids identify themselves with these models that they watch on the TV and try to ape them.

If the model proclaims that he or she is eating a particular brand of food and that that particular brand of food is healthy, the kids will immediately start taking that food without bothering to study if those foods are suitable for their health or not. Do not blame the kids for they are too young to identify between what is good and bad. If they had that level of maturity, they would have never consumed the latest brand of fast food. It is your duty as caring parents to see what your kids consume and try to feed them foods that are healthy for them.

Apart from health issues, there are some psychological factors that are associated with obesity. You kid will suffer from psychological effects when he or she is bullied at school and being called names because of their obesity. They will form the fear of being disliked and eventually will avoid attending school. There is one more thing that you should not forget. Just providing your kids with healthy food is not sufficient. You need to ensure that they follow this up with regular exercise. These exercises can be in the form of physical activities like swimming, jumping, running, climbing up trees etc.

Also, these physical activities will help burn up the extra calories present in your kid thereby not permitting it to turn over into fat. You need to keep an especially when your kids are 3-4 years old. It is during this age that they form good or bad habits. If you imbibe the habits of eating good food and doing exercise during this period, then they shall get habituated to the same and retain it for the rest of their lives. Whatever else you do, never force a child to eat something that he or she dislikes initially. Give them sufficient time to get accustomed to the taste of the new food.

You can learn more about proper nutrition and how to help your child avoid obesity by visiting:
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