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Working on websites and looking for that home business to run while on the road traveling. My wife and I are tring to find the right combination of businesses to accomplish our goals. We just started LLC and coffee investigator is one of our many websites.
coffeeinvestigator DIET COFFEE - Lose weight and make money while drinking fresh brewed DietPlus62 coffee from JavaFit!!!

Are you Going on a Diet for your New Years Resolution? Ever try Coffee?

Dec 28th 2010 at 11:03 PM

It's that time of the year where most of us have eaten everything in sight. I totally feel horrible now with the weight gain. I don't even want to say how much I have gained.

Since the name of my website is Coffee Investigator I guess I will investigate some diet coffee. There are several diet coffees on the market but I have easy access to one called JavaFit Diet Plus 62. I have drank the coffee for energy but never for weight loss. So I will be giving it a try starting next week.

I have know some friends that have purchased some of the coffee from me and told me how well it worked. Then when I wanted to sell it to them at retail they didn't want to pay the price. The thing is it is not that expensive. My cost is about $2 a 2oz pack which includes the shipping averaged in. Retail is $3-$5 and you get 12-15 cups of coffee out of a pack. So your looking at 25 cents a cup of coffee and its a great tasting coffee.

If anybody wants to try the coffee let me know. I have a sample special going on at . I'll mail you a 3-2oz packs and 3 single serve for $12 and give you free shipping. The single serve is fresh brewed coffee in a tea bag type of delivery system. If you want to see more about the Diet Plus 62 Coffee you can visit my website at .

My website at will be a website for all types of coffee and coffee machines. I will be leaving the JavaFit brand off so as not to have a bias or motive on the site.

I have just tried so many different coffees over the past year that I felt like I could make one big good site instead of the 20 different little ones I have. I have tried many things on the internet to make money and so far I haven't hit the jackpot. I have over 300 domain names registered and about 75 websites ranging from one page to 300 pages. I now have my wife joining me and she will be a big help.

2011 is the year I go from being all over the internet making 50 cents here and there to being more focused and making the $50 here and there. My wife says I'm a grown up with ASD attention span deficient or some call it ADD. With her help and terrific memory this will be the big year. We formed an LLC and now have a name for the business. LLC is the name for our business.  I'm looking for internet businesses to get involved in and add to what we have now. The Diet Plus 62 will be part of the business along with IMfaceplate and adzly.

If anybody truly have a great business opportunity shoot it my way but please don't waste my time with some of the stuff out there. Please do not send me Clickbank products or anything like that. If you have a good product at a really good price I may be interested. If you have any type of coffee product I can add to my new under construction website at . In fact you can just put up an ad on the free coffee classified.

I know I have gotten off the subject of Dieting for the New Year.

If you are going on a New Year Resolution Diet please let us know how you plan to lose weight. It always helps to ease the pain if you can do it in numbers. This is my 1st article here and I hope I'm within the guidelines. I plan to be putting up many more as time goes on.

You all have a Happy New Year!

Bill & Robin

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Jan 12th 2011 at 2:38 PM by GTBulmer
Hello, Bill and Robin: I did not realize there was such a thing as "diet coffee." Makes sense! Thanks for the info and insight you have provided in this article. GT :-)

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