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A fit and better me!

Dec 13th 2010 at 9:06 AM

you see your self walking down the street at your favorite hangout  looking and feeling great.  Or stroll down the beach and  notice people glance over there shoulders to admire your beautiful ripped abs . Feeling so confident in your self that your vacation seems perfect like a dream.  You pinch yourself, you have arrived. 

Everyone in this world would love to have a hot body and be fully healthy. 
We people where created for excellence , all things are possible.  Although some may find it difficult to reach personal goals, anything is possible if you have an optimistic and positive outlook on life.

But most of us are just to full of procrastination.  We enjoy the path of least resistance.  Justifying our excuses  of not reaching our objectives.  Hey check this out! discipline is not very easy. "I would love to workout, but I don't want to be a gym rat.", or "I love the gym, I just don't have time to go anymore."

we tend to make ourselves believe such things.   Whether you are looking to lose a few pounds or get in shape for bodybuilding competition, please don't let yourself build  any excuses.
Over weight is just plain un-healthy and for the most part don’t look good.
I have known a few over weight people who all had good looks, but as for the body! Well here I go again. Over weight just plain un-healthy and don’t look good.


 Often times having a dieting program by it’s self will not make things better for everyone.   Friends it just  incredible that most over weight people go from one diet to the next and never, and I mean never get the weight control they seek.
At one time I was one of these people, and then, and then and...... oh alright I will just tell You.

I got in to fighting, training for fighting and teaching fighting. Now what do this have to do with weight?

 Get a notepad right this moment, and jock down all of your goals and aspirations.  On a piece of paper make a line down the middle. you don’t have to be to detail,
WE are going to help You develop  mental changes that will change your life forever subconsciously. 

 Weight loss, weight control and weight management,  Professional athletes do it everyday,
SO  Why not ME?        write this down.......

Getting in top shape is harder than it looks.  It takes discipline and full commitment. but It's rewards are priceless
if you want to live an incredible healthy lifestyle, then a Pro-fighter’s  mind set  is absolutely worth it. to your family and kids, to You.
To lear, read and do more go to _______________________________*****
I:am not going to give you the link yet, come back here and read a little more first...

The Coach


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Dec 14th 2010 at 6:32 PM by bjfoot
BRAVO! Great article and every word truthful... It doesn't hurt to work on the working out is really fun aspect. I love to workout, but if you haven't done so in a long time (or never), it's not easy. As the article states... become positive and believe you can do anything you set out to do. Having a positive mental outlook & patience over time... working out really does become fun and a part of your healthy lifestyle.

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