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5 Steps To Lose Weight Now!

May 5th 2011 at 7:31 AM

After the holidays end up like mad. With all the shopping, decorations, parties, food and drink is likely to rise a few kilos and now it's time to lose the weight that others.

Well, do not get frustrated by the weight increased. Here's the solution. Just follow these 5 steps now, and see how you lose those 3 to 5 pounds by the end of the first month of the year.

All these processes are mentioned in 31 day fat loss cure review, a review of the popular hot selling product in the weight loss industry.

1 - Start a morning ritual -


Simply create a healthy ritual that you follow aa every morning to start the day in the right direction to lose weight.

• Drink 2 cups of water with Vitamin C

• Make a short routine (use circuit, super sets and interval training)

• high protein breakfast, high in fiber (such as an omelet with spinach. Or a drink of cherries, strawberries, spinach and protein powder)

• It takes 2 to 4 cups of green tea before sunset

• Take 1 to 2 grams of fish oil

All these details help you stay energized, be less hungry and lose more weight, burning more fat. No magic in any of them alone is when you combine them they become a powerful weight-loss plan. (If you train later in the day, you can skip the training in the morning. It makes no difference to train in the morning, but if it helps avoid losing the day's workout by unexpected events during the day.)


2 - Take the Support of Others -


• Research has shown that the support on the web, in person and in the gym helps you lose weight faster.

• Find a partner training and diet, one that will encourage and support and let it encourage and support you too.

• It takes about 3 minutes to write your progress in training and your diet.

Research has shown that the more frequently documented your actions to lose weight, your results will improve. Read this blog daily to keep your motivation and focus.

In the next 12 weeks you can lose those 7 to 15 pounds that increased in recent months. Just need to keep an effective training program and eating healthy.


3 - Avoid the monotony of cardio and begins a program of strength and interval training.


• Most people who start doing an hour of cardio are the same as they always do an hour of cardio, with no progression, with flab on his body and frustrated after 3 weeks of fever with exercise. Use the cardio if you like, but not as a method of losing body fat or lose weight fast.

• The scientific research continues to prove that short periods of greater intensity with low intensity periods (intervals) help you lose up to 9 times more fat than traditional cardio

• Do not avoid strength training. A body without a body muscle is weak, flabby and slow metabolism.

You can do exactly ...

Well, you can go to commercial gym and hire a personal trainer for $ 60 dollars an hour, or you can use the Turbulence Training for less than half and you have programs, routines and exercises for the year 2011.


4 - Evaluate Your Body Composition


Begin by reviewing your level of fat (percentage) and then take the following measures.

• Waist circumference:

• circumference of the arm "biceps area through "

• Circumference of the thigh or leg "through the thigh"

• hip circumference "wider area of ​​the hip "

These are the most essential, although not all change at the same rate, what matters is that you reduce the fat in those areas. See measures to reduce over time will keep you motivated and free of frustration as opposed to being obsessed with weight.


5 - Take a photo BEFORE


• This can be uncomfortable, but can be as important on your way to lose weight and lose fat.

• After all, the most common element in the success stories and transformations of my clients is to have the photo ASAP. Motivates you to continue your ritual, your workouts and make better decisions when eating. The workouts and diets change, but the picture BEFORE always there.

• It is very important that you take the photo and compare it after several weeks with a new photo. You'll thank me later when comparing the differences between the first picture and new photos.

Well there are the 5 steps you should take immediate action to lose weight.

If you need a progressive training program ranging from introductory phase at an advanced stage and has been used successfully by many people, you can get the 31 day fat loss cure review, for less than it costs an hour of personal training.

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