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Your Responsibility As A Hr Professional

Oct 8th 2015 at 4:16 AM

The name “Human Resources” itself has everything to do with humans at a workplace. As a Human Relations professional, your job is to hire, evaluate, manage and take care of each person at your workplace. This particular department at every workplace has its own set of laws, policies and protocol that deals solely with those working at and for the company. HR professionals have it tough because human capital is the most unpredictable, the most delicate resource to control and manage at a company. Human Resources team has a very important mandate when it comes to their work – the knowledge of employment laws.

What are employment laws? Employment law is a compilation of “do’s and don’ts” laws at a workplace that protect the employees and employers from unfair practices and preserve the sanctity of the workplace. Instead of dos and don’ts, they are a set of “should and can’t”. For example, you are supposed to take the interview of a potential candidate on a certain day. Employment laws dictate that you cannot ask a certain set of questions to that person (marital status, sexual orientation, etc.). Which questions specifically are prohibited depends on the jurisdiction of that place and the law issuing authorities. If you think you are unaware of the existence of such laws, then now is the time for you to enrol at a HR training programme to educate yourself before taking up responsibility as a HR professional.

These laws are not just limited to the hiring process. During the entire tenure of all the employees’ work at your company, these laws govern what you can and cannot do and act as the protection shield of the employees. Even if an employee is not performing at par, you cannot just sack him. Protocols mandate that a history of warnings and disciplinary action initiations need to be present to justify a pink slip. HR webinars for professionals are organized with the sole purpose of making them aware of how they can manage their workforce without causing any kind of damage to the company they work for. Learning these laws and how they apply is a very important tool that all Human Resources professionals need to possess.

For those working at senior positions in the HR departments (managers, for example), need to understand the risks that come from ignorance of these laws. Acting impulsively and/or losing temper can cost dearly to the company if your employee is aware of these laws while you are not. Thus, for the higher ups of this department, HR training sessions are extremely important.

Employees also need to be aware of employment laws simply for the fact that they have the right to know about their rights while at the workplace. The female employees need to know how their legal system and company policies define, identify and address harassment at workplace. All the employees need to know what they are entitled to as company employees, so that fair practices can be achieved.

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About The Author

Graham Lisbon is an expert in Human Resource Management who also loves writing many interesting articles and blogs on the topic, helping entrepreneurs get the most from their employees and ensure maximum productivity for their organisations. He recommends as the best resource to find the right HR webinar training module for you.

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