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I am an online marketer and enjoy meeting new people, love gardening and line dancing in my spare time

I'm a grandma from Wisconsin and thus the screen name wisgrandma. Started on the computer 11 years ago and I really love it and am sooooooooooo addicted.

Skype me @ nancyradlinger
Nancy Radlinger | nancyradlinger
Guess I have somewhat updated this can't believe it's been that long since I was here
2 years ago

You have to take baby steps before walking

Jul 3rd 2010 at 10:59 PM

From everyone that I chat with online, most feel that since you can google almost any subject and it's instant - they feel that making money online is like that also - well I'm here to tell you that it is NOT. Don't believe all the ads that you see - get rich in 24 hours, quit your job and work online, for x amount of dollars you can make x amount of dollars in a week - and the list goes on and on - this is simply effective advertising - these people have put in a catchy phrase to get your attention.

The reason that I bring this up is that I feel that this is really important to learn no matter what you do on the internet - examples would be your title on your blog, your hot link that you use in traffic exchanges, text ad sites, solo ads, etc. Now you see these catchy phrases all the time - and the best place I like to look is magazines - I know crazy huh but you can get some great headliners for almost anything that you are going to be putting together - here are some that I have used more than once depending on what I'm doing at the time - but you can always build on these. Better Than Ever...... Important Facts......... Wake-up Call........ Spread the Word.....Discover the Truth..... This is just a few of my favorites - then you can either write an article, blog, lens on Squidoo, and even build a splash page, lead capture page with that. Tell them why it's better than ever, tell them the facts, tell them why this is a wake up call, tell them why to spread the word and most of all tell them the truth.

This one is my favorite as I love making splash pages, writing blogs and articles and showing people this is working for me, why, tell them how I'm using what I'm promoting and then show them the proof of payment. The internet is a big world out there and you have to earn trust on here just like if you had your own business out of a building. This is one of the baby steps that I have learned.

Another one that I feel is important and that is branding yourself - YOU have to get your picture on what you are doing - let people see that you are a real person - I see so many use an avatar or a pic of a cat and they hide behind that - well I would rather know the person that I'm dealing with vs the mystery of who I'm dealing with. I know this is not easy and it took me forever to finally break out of my shell and put my picture up - but believe me this works. I know there are concerns about privacy - well in your profile - you can still let people know some things about you without giving away your private info. Example........I love line dancing as this is great for me physically and mentally - it gets me out of this chair and clears my mind as I think about the dance steps and gives my brain the break it needs from work. Example two.......I love gardening - I have many flower beds around, enjoy chatting about gardening - now I have just opened up the door to people that like gardening to break the ice with me - send me a question on gardening and learn to get to know each other that way. Example three..... the other one I use to break the ice with new people I meet is games - there are so many games on the net - mention that you love playing Mafia, Farm Town, Farmville, etc on facebook and that you love bowling or playing pool on Pogo. You get the idea - now see how much you have learned about me and I gave away nothing private about me.

I will be writing more about these baby steps - this is a great start for anyone just starting on the net and really don't know what to start with or how - I like blogs and an excellent place to start - you can even create one right from this page - you just go to the top of the page and click on create - and don't be shy - if this granny can do this - so can you. (see how I let you know that I'm a grandma) So lets get started - don't put off it off till tomorrow - take action and do it NOW. Good luck everyone and look forward to reading and following your work.

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Jan 1st 2011 at 4:59 PM by judyhwright
Excellent article with lots of good solid information that can be used immediately. I will look forward to reading your articles and hope you will also read mine. Judy H. Wright
Oct 6th 2010 at 7:20 PM by deewest
Loved your Article! You put learning and laughter together .. that is Great! I like to watch Line dancing, I do not have a green thumb but I love to watch a garden grow and flowers bloom, and I am also a Grandma and Loving it! have a great night Dee

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