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Money!! Selling to make money, and then again money.
boiler | boiler
SCAMMING. Yes I have been there!! I received messages via Alibaba frm suppliers of tvs, so I put some to Auction on E-bay and E bid and having taken orders I passed them to (what I thoug

You are joking

Aug 23rd 2010 at 8:45 AM

                       3 fellows died and went to heaven, at the gates St Peter asked the first man if he had been faithful to his wife to which he replied he had never strayed from the path, so St Peter said you can have the white rolls royce to drive around in.

                        St Peter asked the same question of the second guy, who repled that he had strayed but was forgiven for his indiscetion, so St Peter said yo can have the white ford to drive.

                        The third Guy said "don't bother to ask I have taken my pleasures whenever there was a chance, so St Peter frowned and said well you can have the white mini.

                         A while later the mini driver went around a cloud and saw the rolls driver sitting in his car bawling his eyes out, so he stopped and ask the rolls driver whatever was wrong, and he replied "I have just seen my wife going along on a skate board!!!"  


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Sep 2nd 2010 at 8:16 PM by Siamak
Sep 1st 2010 at 9:32 AM by boiler
A certain young lady had a great liking for baked beans, but unfortunately the result was great bursts of flatulence. Then she met Mr Right, and realised to keep him she would have to "give up the beans". Time progressed and they were married, living happily, and then one day on her way home her car broke down, so she 'phoned her husband and said that it was in the local garage and would walk home. In walking through the village she could smell the baked beans from a nearby caffe, and she could not resist, so in she went and ordered a plate of beans. After the meal she continued her homeward journey, with a pharp here and a pharp there, and finally arrived home, to be greeted at the door by her husband, who said, "I have a suprise for you, so you must wear this blindfold". He then lead her into the lounge and sat her down, just as the phone rang, so he said "I will just be a moment", meanwhile she was still feeling the effects of the beans, so she thought I can do it while he is on the 'phone, and out it came, a smell strong enough to put a skunk to shame, so felt in her handbag and brought out her hankie, waving it around to disperse the smell, with her husband still on the 'phone, (you guessed it) along came another, and this was worse still, in fact the sewage farm could not compete with it, but she waved her hankie yet again, just in time to hear her husband put down the 'phone. Her husband then went to her and said "Now for the suprise", so he took off the blind fold and there were 8 of her friends sitting there, who had come to wish her HAPPY BIRTHDAY
Sep 1st 2010 at 9:14 AM by boiler
Aug 24th 2010 at 2:21 PM by boiler
So little Johnny goes to school and his first lesson was maths, the teacher said to Johnny "If there are 3 birds sitting on a wire and you shot one, how many would be left". Johnny sat and thought about it and replied "None miss", so the teacher said "that is wrong Johnny how did you arrive at that answer", so he replied, "well I shot the one bird but the noise frightened the others away", "that is still wrong though Johnny, but I like the way you are thinking", so he suddenly said "can I ask you a question miss". And she replied "certainly Johnny", So Johnny said" there are three women coming out of a sweet shop and they each have a lollipop, one is nibbling it the second is chewing it and the third one is sucking it, so which is the married woman". The teacher had to think about it and only recently married, she was a bit embarassed how to reply eventually she replied "the one sucking it". "no Johnny said, it was the one with the wedding ring, but, I do like the way you are thinking"
Aug 23rd 2010 at 8:47 AM by boiler
And there is more from where that came if requested (sorry on line I only do the clean ones) but they only come if you like them and they are requested. Boiler

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