Woven Labels vs. Printed Labels

Jun 16th 2014 at 11:30 PM

Personalized clothing labels may come in two main categories: woven labels and printed labels. Both types differ in quality, durability and price. This article will compare the two categories of clothing labels.

Woven Name Labels

Woven name labels use a special micro-thread which weaves the design pattern and white area to produce a fully formed label. These types of labels are long lasting - the threads are pre-dyed and no inking is involved, therefore the text does not fade away even after washing.

Woven name labels are woven by various looms that produce different end results:

High Definition

The high definition type of woven labels use high thread counts which results in ultimate clarity and a smooth, glossy finish.


A shiny based thread with a soft texture is used for Damask type. The result is a high end label therefore used for intricate details, such as signatures or small text. Damask comes in many cuts and fold types like cut/end fold, center-folded or straight cut. They can come in two types: adhesive or iron-backing.


A polyester based lustrous thread with soft texture is used to produce Satin woven labels. They can be made using a single needle or broadloom set-up based on quality needs, but the end result is always high quality.


A polyester based plain woven thread is used to produce Taffeta woven labels. These kinds of labels are very durable, but most suitable for outerwear or accessories.

Printed Name Labels

Although printed labels are generally lower priced, their durability makes them less practical. Since printed labels use ink instead of thread for patterns or text, the ink fades after regular washes or as a result of skin oils reacting with the print. This makes them unsuitable for use long-term use as they would have to be replaced frequently, making the low price a poor incentive.

The Better Choice?

Woven name labels are undoubtedly a better option among the two categories. Their prices might be slightly higher when compared with printed name labels, but woven labels are more durable and last longer, offering value for money.

Although printed labels are inexpensive, if they are replaced often, the price for new printed labels might add to be higher in the long run, as compared to woven name labels. Therefore, to invest in a high quality, long lasting and skin-friendly product, woven name labels are a better choice.

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