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Windshield Of Your Car – Its Importance

Aug 26th 2015 at 2:25 AM

There are very few people on this planet who actually understand the importance of a windshield in a vehicle. They are not merely there for women’s skin beauty concerns, or for bug-proofing the interiors and stuff like that. Many might think that this component is present solely to prevent the elements of nature from affecting the persons inside.

Eye opener!! Windshields have a very structurally important role to play in a vehicle. Of course only the physics nerds and designers know about it, but the concept it fairly easy to understand. Once you come to understand properly how actually important your windshield is, you’ll start caring for it like you’d care for your baby. In the event it still gets damaged, resist the DIY idea and rush to a windshield doctor.

The first fact that people need to know is that windshields are to your car like your backbone is to you. Your backbone is the reason you can hold yourself up – any damage to it and you’ll be bed-ridden. The same fact applies to windshields. The fact that most of the compressive weight on the car chassis is resisted by the windshield makes it the major component for car structure safety. If you meet with an accident and your car rolls over, it is the windshield that holds the roof up so that it does not crumple and crush you underneath. Therefore, if it gets damaged, windshield replacement must be done by professionals only. Improper installation will just make the screen pop out in the collision and you’ll be a dead fish.

The second reason to call on professional windshield replacement service is because of the aerodynamic design of your vehicle. It is common knowledge that each vehicle, since the stage of its conception as an idea in the manufacturer’s head, is very complicatedly designed, with every component optimized to generate favourable results. The windshield and the windows too, are designed with equal care. Each curve and bend, each bezel and cut is unique to the specific model. Having it replaced with another “similar looking” windshield will result in disruption of the aerodynamic harmony of the vehicle and bring down the mileage. If you need to get your windscreen replaced, go to a workshop that knows these facts.

The details right down to using the right kind of glue on the windshield are important. The windshield replacement professional has to make sure that in the event of a mishap the windscreen doesn’t fly off, leaving the vehicle occupants compromised. The glue, rubberized gasket between the windscreen and the car chassis and the glass material – everything has to be the perfect combination in order to ensure that the driver has a future even after an accident. Rubberized gasket and glue need to be chosen very wisely because a combination of these two components will ensure proper sealing of your vehicle. Air-tightness and water-tightness is achieved through using standardized and made-to-fit materials and spare parts for your vehicle.

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Jane Mitchell is an expert in auto repair who loves writing many interesting articles and blogs, helping people in taking good care of their cars. She recommends as the best and most trusted name when it comes to windshield replacement in Cambridge, Ontario.

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