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Why You Should Visit the Eye Doctor

Apr 18th 2015 at 5:18 AM

Scheduling an eye exam every two years is one of the most important things you can do for your overall health. If you already have corrective lenses, in the form of contacts or eyeglasses, it's necessary to check every couple of years and make adjustments to your prescription in case your vision has worsened. Wearers of contact lenses also might experience headaches or discomfort, and a new brand or type of lens is likely needed. An eye doctor can also help you determine if you're wearing your lenses too frequently. If you wear eyeglasses, your optometrist still might explore some changes to your lenses, particularly if it's time to start discussing the idea of bifocals. Outside of vision clarity, individuals that have preexisting eye conditions or a history of infections should see an eye doctor regularly to monitor any developments.

While it seems obvious to check in with your eye doctor when you have corrective lenses or eye-related diseases, it may seem less necessary to have your eyes examined when you've had no history of eye problems. Because your vision changes as you mature, the need for corrective lenses can come at any age, and eye infections can come from anywhere. So even if you've reached full maturity and don't need eyeglasses, you should still schedule checkups every year to make sure your eyes are staying in great health.

If you're ever experiencing frequent or consistent discomfort in your eyes, however; you should seek out an eye doctor immediately, rather than waiting for your next appointment. Excessive itchiness, redness, or swelling can be signs of a major infection, as can recurring headaches, light sensitivity or the appearance of discharge or pus. Most infections can be treated with a simple regimen of eye drops, so the treatment is quite easy compared to the struggle you may face if you don't have eye discomfort diagnosed.

Corneal abrasions, or scratches on your cornea, can be caused from foreign materials like dust, sand or dirt that get in your eye. These abrasions can also occur if you rub your eyes too aggressively, so if you suspect something is in your eye, flush it with water rather than rubbing it. You may also try blinking several times or keeping your eyes closed until the discomfort passes. If you continue to feel something there, it's time to call your eye doctor.

You also might seek out an eye doctor if chemicals or other dangerous liquids splash into your eyes. Even if the pain passes, you should always check to see if any lasting damage has been done. To schedule an appointment with an eye doctor in Chula Vista, visit this website.

Author Bio:

Jessica is an experienced eye care specialist. You can find her thoughts at wordpress blog.

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