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Why Vaccinations are Dangerous and Some Solutions - Are Vaccinations Safe?

Mar 30th 2015 at 5:03 AM

Do you think that Vaccinations are vaccines safe?

Do you believe that putting your child's health in danger is worth the risk of satisfying the demand of mandatory vaccination?

For as long as we have known, issuing vaccinations to our children is only going to benefit their health. The question we should consider before taking our children to the pediatrics is, “Are vaccinations safe?”

From a great deal of data that has been collected over the years, findings show that the vaccines issued to our children at very young ages can actually lead to dangerous side effects to their health.

In the case of autism, ithas been shown to grow over the years. An incredible man named Burton Goldberg shares his incredible findings on a video on the topic of vaccination.

Based on his findings, from the year 1970 to present day, Autism disorder has grown from 1 in 10,000 people to 1 in 68 people. That is a dramatic change due to the rise of vaccinations over the years being given to children.

Also many of us tend to believe that following the immunization schedule is what should be done because we have been taught it is a great way to take care of our children. With countless findings of health issues being linked to vaccinations, would you reconsider using the vaccination schedule? Let’s look at the vaccination chart.

From ages 1 month to 6 years old, our kids are introduced to 9 different vaccines. In most cases, we do not know what is in those vaccines. Were you aware that GMOs, Mercury, and Aluminum toxic compounds are in those vaccines?

My really good friend had faced one of the most terrifying situations regarding his son in regards to vaccinations. He had taken his 3-year-old son to be issued the Hep B vaccine shot and not long after, his son had caught a weakening autoimmune disease, Nephrotic Syndrome. General medicine couldn’t help with any good solution except to put him on steroids to stop his immune system from functioning, so that his immune system wouldn’t attack his own kidneys.

Why would any 3 year old child be issued the Hep B vaccine shot if they can only be infected with that disease from direct exposure to the virus? For instance, using the same needle with someone infected with the disease.

Many are now becoming aware that these vaccines are linked to cause many health issues including Nephrotic Syndrome, ADD, and Autism.

An alternate solution to stop with the use of having to follow the immunization chart, is practicing homeopathy remedies. As far as vaccines autism along with other problems can be completely steered clear of as well as fixed. From practicing homeopathy remedies, side effects caused by immunisation shots are reversed in our children. Hepatitis B Vaccine Schedule and other vaccines that are scheduled should be halted in order to protect our children at young ages.

Are vaccinations safe?

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