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Why Recycling Is Important For Your Household And Office

Jan 2nd 2016 at 4:09 AM

Recycling reduces the amount of energy and resources expended on producing new materials. It diminishes pollution and environmental damage, and creates jobs.

Recycling has been a mainstream process for decades, but some people still feel that the extra steps are inconvenient and unnecessary. It may seem that the items you painstakingly separate and clean are not actually being recycled and you are just wasting time. In truth, recycling has measurable benefits to the environment and the economy, and everyone who participates is making an impact.

Recycling conserves energy and protects resources since manufacturers do not have to create new materials from scratch. This helps keep the costs of many goods lower than they would otherwise be, since the cost of production is reduced; for instance, around 4% of our yearly supply of oil is used in the creation of plastic. Recycling aluminum cans for one year saves more energy than is spent burning gasoline nationwide for one day. Recycling glass cuts down energy spent to produce glass by 50%. Energy saved from recycling paper amounts to 163 trillion kilowatts in one year.

The less material you throw away, the less bulk ends up in the landfill. This means we need fewer landfills, which anyone can understand is a good thing. Recycling solid waste helps reduce global warming, as the manufacturing process for many materials creates greenhouse gases. If you recycle half of your household garbage, you will still prevent 2400 of carbon dioxide from entering the atmosphere. Recycling batteries will prevent heavy metals like lithium and mercury from leaking into the air and water while it sits in landfills. Many of the materials left in landfills are not biodegradable, so they never disappear.

Extracting natural resources to create new products requires logging, quarrying and mining which causes environmental destruction and pollution. Recycling helps to protect wildlife since less production means less use of timber, water, and associated habitat destruction. In a single year, recycling can spare 70 million trees and 290 billion gallons of fresh water. The recycling industry creates jobs; over one million jobs exist right now nationwide, which is five times as many as would be hired to manage landfills. The jobs are diverse as well; recycling employs scientists and engineers in addition to manufacturing and manual labor.

Recycling has so many benefits that it makes sense for everyone to recycle as much material as possible. If you would like to know more about how you can contribute to recycling, visit this website to explore recycling center in Imperial Beach.

Author Bio:-

With the advantage of having lots of experience in the Recycling Industry, Dustin shares his knowledge through his writing. You can find his thoughts at Weebly blog.

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