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Why Not to Quit Your Dark Chocolate Spread Craving?

Dec 28th 2015 at 2:11 AM

There are many times where one has to urge himself to hold back his craving for dark chocolate. An endless list of ill effects of chocolate rushes to your mind and you just had to nod it away. There have been several researches done over chocolate and none of them have proved chocolate to be unhealthy. Here is some evidence to break those myths.

Since childhood, parents say a big ‘no’ when you ask for chocolates stating that it causes tooth decay. To be clear here, dark chocolate is different from milk chocolate and does not have milk or other milk additives which cause tooth decay. The raw cocoa actually helps avoid plaque by coating the teeth.

You might be wondering how one look up to dark chocolate than milk chocolate would as it is bitter enough. UK suppliers stack up the supermarket racks with various kinds of chocolates. The cocoa content is the level of bitterness. Long back, there was only one kind of dark chocolate or bitter cocoa. One might even be able to stamp back on the sweet cravings by having these bitter cocoa kinds. Due to its bitterness one would not want to have it back to back.

In recent times, there has been so much information on the health benefits of the dark variety that you can see various kinds of them in varying levels of bitterness. The dark chocolate spread is a lovable variety which blends well in your bread or wafer to give you the benefits without realizing the bitterness factor.

The affliction for chocolate sprinkles is mostly said to be girly. Girls love to top their cake or doughnut with a good load of sprinkles that are readily available in various shades of pink. And they end up with nightmares of flaring pimples and acne. It’s more like an imagination. The stress of it might be causing the acne basically. There has been no proven scientific study that relates pimple to chocolate unless it’s an allergy.

Breaking the biggest myths, that cocoa contains caffeine, has been the most challenging ones for the researchers. Cacao contains a constituent that has a structural resemblance to caffeine but is in no way additive. It just preps up your brain and can work magically to keep you awake.

So next time someone told you not to have your favorite chocolate hagel, say right in their face that it is good for your teeth, does not cause acne and is not caffeinated.

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