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Why Most Moving Companies Charge By Volume Not By Weight

Oct 1st 2015 at 2:37 AM

Moving companies usually charge one of two ways for a long distance move - by weight or volume. The method used is up to the mover, but it can help to understand both options just so you know how you are being charged.

Companies that charge by volume, will charge based on how much room your items take up in the moving truck. You are charged by cubic foot. It isn’t a completely accurate method because it does rely on the judgment of the movers as to how much volume is being taken up. However, if you hire a trustworthy company and keep an eye on the moving process, you should be able to get a great deal this way.

Companies that charge by weight usually charge by the pound. They have their trucks empty weight recorded and then weigh the truck once it is loaded to determine how much you owe. With this option, you may have to pay a minimum charge. Additionally, while weight may seem the most accurate, there are still many ways to be scammed and charged more than you should be. So, again, it is important to hire a trusted company with a good reputation.

Many moving companies will charge by volume because it is easier than charging by weight. When going by weight, the empty truck must be weighed and then the filled truck must be weighed. Additionally, it can be difficult to give a quote for weight based moves because the mover will not be able to accurately determine how much your items weigh. Charging by volume, though, is a bit easier to quote because it is easier to determine dimensions and how your items will fill the truck.

While neither option really is better than the other since they both can be easily manipulated, you still have control. It is all about choosing a good moving company. Check the company’s background and look into its reputation before you sign a contract. Also, make sure you know how you will be charged, so you can understand the bill once you get it.

While hiring a moving company is probably going to cost you more than doing the move on your own, it will really cut down on the frustrating and make things easier on you in the end. So, when you are charged by the movers, they will either charge by volume or weight. No matter what method they use, you want to be sure you hire a reputable company. Visit this website to learn more about Moving Company in El Cajon.

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With a talent for organizing, and a traveler's soul, Joe is a moving virtuoso. He is taking his knowledge of relocation and sharing it with professionals, business owners, families and vagabonds everywhere. See some of his thoughts here at Wordpress blog.

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