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Why Is Computer Recycling a Smart Move for Your Business?

Sep 27th 2015 at 10:22 PM

Businesses receive a range of benefits from computer recycling. These benefits can improve a company’s bottom line, level of environmental accountability and standing in the community.

Computer technology advances at a rapid pace, and today’s state-of-the-art machines can quickly become tomorrow’s outdated relics. Practically speaking, this means that many technologically oriented businesses have lots of old machines in storage that no longer serve a useful function. Instead of keeping obsolete equipment around, it makes much more sense to take advantage of local recycling programs.


Discarded computers and peripheral equipment belong to a class of material commonly known as electronics waste or E-waste. Examples of this material typically accepted at recycling centers include desktop machines, laptops, batteries, hard drives and motherboards. Safe disposal of these products is critically important, since they contain a broad range of highly toxic chemicals, including substances such as mercury, cadmium, lead, beryllium and hexavalent chromium. In addition, an improperly disposed battery from a laptop or desktop machine can explode if exposed to fire. Plastics inside a discarded machine can emit toxic fumes when burned.


One of the chief reasons why it makes sense for a business to recycle old computers is to reduce any need for onsite equipment storage facilities. Outdated machines can easily pile up and take away space from other current or planned activities. Periodic recycling can clear out this space and make it available for income-generating use.


Proper recycling of E-waste also makes sense because much of this material may not actually be worthless. When safely broken down and separated, many of the materials used to make computers retain a significant amount of value. Some processing centers have programs that pay cash for any reusable materials. Even when monetary rewards don’t factor into the equation, a business can substantially boost its reputation and community standing by donating unused computers and other electronics to a local nonprofit organization. Such a donation may also qualify for a business for a tax deduction.


It’s illegal in many jurisdictions to put scrapped computer equipment in the trash with everyday household waste. Proper E-waste recycling limits the chances that the dangerous chemicals in old machines will leech into groundwater supplies. By making sure that proper disposal takes place, businesses act as good neighbors to the other members of their communities. In addition, they also avoid the penalties and reputation damage that come with breaking the law.


Businesses that recycle their electronics can also promote conservation efforts by reducing the need to allocate new resources for the computer manufacturing process. In addition, businesses that properly discard their old equipment help support the viability of recycling companies that handle E-waste, and thereby help support their area’s local economy. Visit this site for more information on why computer recycling in San Jose is actually an intelligent move for your business.



Author Bio:-

With the advantage of having lots of experience in the Recycling Industry, Dustin shares his knowledge through his writing. You can find his thoughts at waste recycle blog on Blogspot.

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