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Why Fingerprinting Is Important For Background Checks

Dec 23rd 2015 at 2:36 AM

Improve your hiring choices by adding fingerprinting to your employment background checks, and ensure the safety and security of existing employees and clients.

Anyone who has ever been offered a job has heard the words “contingent on passing a background test.” What people may not realize is that background checks can be as simple as a social security number based search, as in-depth as an FBI fingerprint search or a combination of both. More and more employers are adding fingerprint background checks to their current methods, and here are the reasons why.

First, it’s interesting to know that employers find that as many as 53 percent of applications contain inaccuracies when compared to information gleaned from background checks. Faced with such a high percentage, it makes sense that employers would want to know more, and fingerprint background checks can provide that in-depth information.

Unlike personal information such as names, birth dates, age and social security numbers, fingerprints are impossible to falsify. This means that the personal information attached to a fingerprint is going to be more accurate. In addition to local and state records, fingerprint background checks also search FBI databases as a means of personal identification and criminal record checks. While not all employers will go this extra mile, others are required by law to do so.

Many fields are required under law to perform fingerprint background checks on potential employees. Teachers and child care workers are subject to fingerprinting for criminal background checks at local, state and national levels as a means to ensure the welfare of kids. With an FBI fingerprint check, criminal acts in other states and jurisdictions can be discovered, which significantly decrease the potential for hiring a person with a history of crimes involving children and adolescents. The same is true when hiring healthcare workers to ensure there is no history of abuse on the part of the applicant. All law enforcement and emergency services personnel whose job it is to protect and assist the general public are also required to undergo fingerprint background checks. And, of course, anyone desiring to work in a government agency must submit to extensive background checks that include fingerprinting for criminal activity.

Fingerprinting is important for background checks because it provides one more layer of assurance that a potential employee is not only qualified for the position, but that they also do not pose a risk to organizational security or to the safety of those with whom they will be working. To learn more about adding fingerprint background checks to your existing employment process, and for fingerprinting services in Poway, visit this website.

Author Bio:-

A security expert who advises people on safety and security. You can find his thoughts at Wordpress blog.

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