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I am a Christian, a father to a beautiful little girl. I like anything outdoors,hiking,camping,fishing,golfing.I am also a wellness coach who works with others to help them better there lives through top quality health,nutrition and personal care. Currently leading weight loss challenges here in White,Ga
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Who the heck is "Oposit"

Dec 28th 2010 at 9:31 AM

 On just about every blog or site you go to there is a page or section that says something about the owner of the site or blog. This makes sense since it’s nice to let people know who they are dealing with especially when you are doing business. Plus it’s just polite to introduce yourself to anyone who decides to stop by. Well today I am not only going to let you know who Oposit actually is but I am going to tell you who you and everyone else are as well.  How can I do this? Allow me to explain.  My pen name Oposit, O positive, is my blood type which is universal which means anyone who needs blood can use my blood type. I donate regularly because of this. I found this information while donating.  Many cultures have long standing superstitions about the significance of a person’s blood type. Though none are founded on science many of these myths are very popular. During the 1930’s matching personality traits with one’s blood type became popular in Japan and other areas of the world.  In fact, almost all Japanese are aware of their blood group- Just as most Americans know their horoscope sign. So look below to what your blood type says about you. I was surprised at what my Myth said about myself. It was pretty close:


Fact O- preferred donation: Blood or Double Red Cells

        O+ Preferred Donation: Blood or Double Red Cells      

Myth- Group O is the oldest historically, originating around 40,000 B.C. Defined as warriors, they are usually ambitious, confident, energetic and flexible. Because they are very competitive and usually enjoy power, they make good leaders and tend to have a strong sense of purpose.                 

 “A” Flash into the past             

  Fact A- Preferred Donation: Blood or Platelets

          A+ Preferred Donation: Platelets

Myth- besides being well adapted to society living, type As are very persistent, reliable and methodical. Though typically cautious and careful, they are always working to keep the peace. They can be very calm, sensitive, and considerate but sometimes can be conformist.

“B” Free, being me

Fact B- Preferred Donation: Blood or Double Red Cell

        B+ Preferred Donation: Platelets

Myth - Defined as hunters, type B developed in the area of the Himalayan Highlands between 10,000 and 15,000 B.C.  Seeming to always find balance, they are free spirited, adventurous, flexible and highly creative. Type Bs are passionate about things dear to them.

“AB” The Ultimate Mix

Fact: Preferred Donation: Platelets or Blood

Myth-  the rarest of blood types, occurring in less than 5% of the population, Group AB is defined as humanists. Because they are natural entertainers, AB types tend to be spiritual, charming, complex, and interesting, easily drawing people towards them. However, AB can often have two personalities- sometimes being “all business” and other times being overly sentimental.

 So did your myth match your characteristics?  I really thought this was informative and well just fun. The one thing all of us have in common is the blood that runs in our veins. How cool to learn more about its origins and to see what it says about whom we are. But remember these definitions are based on myths, or are they? Hope you enjoyed this as much as I did and I hope maybe I helped answer the question “Who are you?” Hope you have a Great day!

To your success and God Bless

Bradley G aka Oposit



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