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Sep 10th 2010 at 4:00 PM

The nickname Webmiep has a meaning. Miep is a Dutch surname but when somebody is called a Miep is always ment a bit degenarating. A secretary is called sometimes a TypMiep (from typing). I was in secretary jobs in and out so I started for myself on the internet as a webdesigner and decided to call myself Web Miep.

I am married for 32 years and we have 3 sons. Bjorn the oldest is married and is going to make us grandparents in March 2011. The second oldest son Niels almost lives next door with his girl friend.

The youngest one Lars also does not live at home anymore. He became ementaly disabled when he was 2 years old because of a flue virus which caused severe brain damage. He is now 23 but in his mind still about 2 years. He needs care  and supervision 24 hours a day.  I took care of him a long time with i did with love but this prevented me from having a business carrier.

The event of having my child disabled because of some stupid flue virus has totally changed my perspective of life and in a possitive way. My youngest is very happy where he lives now, he is good taken care of and always happy. The way i see it he is already in heaven. We are all healty. I have a good marriage. My oldest 2 children have good jobs and a good relationships with girls I love like my own. Ofcourse I do have dreams but these are materialistic and secondary. And as much i would like to open my music cafe in Turkey in a few years, the world won't go under if i can't.

When lars no longer lived at home I was to old to get a decent job, due to lack of experience. I could only get temporary jobs with weeks between without work. I got sick of that and at some point I decided to start my own business as a webdesigner, This was about 7 years ago and it went well for a while. But there came a point that I could not keep up with all new technology + the fact that there are many services where people can advanced websites for free.

So I switched to affliate marketing, first in the Netherlands and now global.

I hope it is going to work out as i hoped.

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