Which Metal Paint Should One Choose And Why?

Mar 19th 2015 at 11:01 PM

A metal whether it is steel or iron needs protection from outside elements that are moisture and debris. Fine grime that travels with air sits on metal and moisture fixes it on the metallic surface. Soon the grime starts eating the metallic surface resulting in rusting.

Paint Metal

Metal pieces, objects and articles like iron bars, steel machines and furniture is painted to protect it from environmental effects. Traditionally wet paint is used for painting metal but wet paint has many drawbacks. It contains toxic substances and also it produces lots of waste.

Whether sprayed or brushed, there is no way one can prevent wet paint from going waste. The paint that drops on floor mixes in the environment and the toxic substances present in the paint start polluting the environment as soon as the paint is absorbed.

There is no other way to protect a piece of metal from rusting other than painting it. Paint makes a protective covering or layer over the metallic surface and in this way prevents the metal from coming into contact with the moisture and grime. Wet paint is easy to use but it isn’t durable. Also it doesn’t give perfect finish.

With time, the wet paint start chipping or breaking. Also it can sag while it is put on the metallic surface. The painter could pour more paint at one place and leave other places with thin paint. Dry finish has the answer to all these problems.

Dry Paint

Dry finish is environment friendly as it contains no toxic substances. It gives excellent results and it is more durable than its wet counterpart. Metal painting services include both wet and dry finish but users choose dry finish for its benefits.

Dry finish is also called powder coating as it is a powder turned into paint. The powder is sprayed with a spray gun and the metal is heated to the temperature where the powder melts down to form a strong bond. Heating turns powder into paint.

Advantage of dry finish is that it neither chips nor breaks over time. It can’t be scratched or forcibly removed from metallic surface. The dry waste can be used again as it doesn’t mix in the environment.

Experts prefer dry finish over wet paint and for this reason today metal painting services are taken synonym to dry finish. Any piece of metal from a bicycle to a large steel machine can be protected with dry finish.

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