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Jul 5th 2010 at 4:55 AM

Hov pods

fly on a cushion of air; gliding across the sea, lakes, rivers, grassland, marsh, sand, snow and ice! No need to bother about tide times or slipways - turn the key and go! And if there's no water around, no worries, you don't need water to have fun.



When you see a Hov Pod Leisure Hovercraft you will be:

Amazed at just how quick, simple and easy the Hov Pod is to use.

Impressed with Hov Pods™ versatility and range of maneuvers and tricks.

Staggered at the ability to launch on any tide from any patch of land.


Forget all about RIBs™, speedboats and other types of personal watercraft, Hov Pod is versatile and unique, it can travel over many surfaces that restrict other craft, skim from water to land and back again! Gliding through long sliding loops! Spinning in wild arcs or tight 360s! Park up on dry land, no need to wade into cold water to recover the craft onto the trailer!








How about using the Hov Pod Hovercraft as:

A super yacht tender to lower and go anywhere on water, or straight on to land.

A thrillingly different and exciting slide and glide high speed toy.

A way of exploring or getting to all those secluded or inaccessible places no one else can get to.

The way to beat the tides and leave home or reach a mooring at any time of day.

A unique machine for fun or access over any difficult terrain such as swamps, estuaries, sandbars, flooded ground, reeds, submerged coral, ice etc.

A responsive and economical rescue, survey, patrol or inspection craft.

A team building, activity, adventure, charter or rental income earner.

Hov Pod is an incredibly versatile, highly exciting and thrillingly different craft.


Dimensions Length: 3.63m, Width 1.86m, Height 1.49m Length 11.9 feet, Width 6.1 feet, Height 4.89 feet

Hover Height 0.25m 9 inches Able to clear many obstacles.

Speed (On Water) 40 to 45 mph 64 km/h, (Cruise speed 20mph - 35 km/h) Extreme fun

Operating Conditions Inshore water – recommended up to Force 4 Beaufort Wind Scale. Tested in up to Force 7 conditions. Very stable craft with low centre of gravity, with full floatation for safety.

Fuel Tank Portable 25 Liter, 6.6 US Gallons(Optional spare tanks to extend range)

Quick and easy lift out and replace. Fully ventilated for safety.

Consumption 15 - 20 Liter/Hour, (Cruise 10 - 15 Liter/Hour)

Power Rotax® 52 HP 503 Engine

or Rotax® 65 HP 582 Two Cylinder 2-Stroke Micro-lite Engine with dual electronic ignition system and twin carbs

. Proven in 1000’s of hour’s use and testing in harsh saltwater conditions in Africa, Caribbean and Middle east.

http://bit.ly/cQ8pd6    wanna go where other boat's can't? you need HOV POD!

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