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What to Avoid When Facing Criminal Charges

May 9th 2014 at 4:21 AM

When faced with criminal charges, people naturally go through emotional turmoil which makes them react in ways that may aggravate the severity of their case.
Discussed below are common mistakes that people facing criminal charges should avoid:

Mistake#1 – Speaking to the Police Office Who is Investigating the Crime

This is the number one mistake observed by Toronto criminal lawyers that people charged with a criminal offense make and should be avoided strictly. They assume that it will be helpful to share what they know or what their opinion is about the situation with the police officer. On the contrary, answering police questions regarding an investigation can backfire on a suspect. The right to remain silent should be exercised.

Mistake#2 – Not Asking for Your Right to an Attorney

When a police officer stops someone and starts asking questions, people should be aware of their right to ask for an attorney and request one as soon as they are stopped for investigation. This way they do not incriminate themselves further.

Mistake#3 – Getting Into a Second Arrest While the First Charge Is Pending

This is the worst thing someone can do after being arrested for the first time. This mistake might sound uncommon but has been seen frequently by criminal lawyers in Toronto. It might not be very difficult to get someone out from under free from one DUI charge, but if they are arrested for the same offense a week later, they make matters worse for themselves.

Mistake#4 – Discussing the Case on Social Media

Posting derogatory messages about someone who has pressed charges against you or just expressing your opinion on social media regarding your case can often invite trouble. It is best to keep a low profile while a case is in process.

Mistake#5 – Discussing Their Case with the Prosecutor by Themselves

Going to court on your own and discussing your case with the prosecutor is not a wise thing to do. The prosecutor has more legal knowledge and expertise, and a copy of the police’s report of your criminal record. With all this information, the prosecutor might make you say things that will actually go against you and make your case weaker.

Mistake#6 – Making Confessions about Prior Arrests to the Prosecutor

When a person is arrested for a criminal offense, the first question asked by the prosecutor in court could be, “Have you been arrested before for any crime?”. Now there might have been an incident in the past which the person does not know how to disclose and the perhaps the incident was even dismissed but was not recorded. In this case, if the person tells the prosecutor about any such incident from the past, it raises red flags and makes way for further investigation.

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