What Makes Dry Finish Convenient?

Mar 3rd 2015 at 8:29 PM

What makes dry finish better than traditional solvent based paints? There are many advantages of dry finish that make it better than wet paint. For a user, it is a cost effective way of protecting his metallic products from dust and moisture that can react with any metal.

Advantages of dry finish

  • Strong

  • Convenient

  • Eco friendly

  • Cost effective

Strong: Dry finish is a powder made of polymer resins systems, pigments, leveling agents and flow modifiers. The ingredients are mixed in right proportion and crushed to make fine dust. The dust is then sprayed with a gun. The method is called electrostatic spraying as the fine dust particles are electrostatically charged.

The dust covers the surface evenly and when heated, it makes a protective film. The coated metal pieces are cured with heat that melts the find particles. When the particles melt, they become joined.

Convenient: It is easy to spray dust instead of wet paint as lot of paint would go waste when spraying. Dust would also spread outside the surface targeted but the dust can be collected with a broom and used again. But it isn’t possible to collect and use wet paint.

Eco friendly: Mixture of polymer resin systems and pigments is eco friendly. It doesn’t cause any harm to environment or to the user as it has no harmful agents. It is 100% safe for nature and user. It is cited as the biggest advantage of dry finishing.

Everyone has different reason for taking his piece of metal for powder coatings in Utah. The dry finish method is so popular that now it is also used on plastic and wood products. But it is specially made for metal finish. It has many advantages but the biggest advantage is its ability to spread evenly on a surface.

It is possible to make a solvent based product eco-friendly by removing harmful chemicals from it but painting a piece of metal with wet paint is a difficult job. If the surface is uneven then the painter can leave blank spaces on the surface. But there is no such fear or apprehension with dry finish.

Electrostatic spraying ensures that the dust sets decently on every nook and cranny of the surface. But only a few service providers can provide best power coatings in Utah. For instance, an inexperienced painter could provide coating thicker than needed. Though it would help the metal but it is wastage of the powder.

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