What Is the Job of a Criminal Defense Lawyer and How Does It Help

Nov 28th 2014 at 3:34 AM

A criminal defense lawyer provides legal representation to his or her clients who are facing criminal charges. Criminal lawyers use their experience and knowledge of criminal laws to ensure that their client’s interests are protected at all costs.

Criminal charges carry various types of sentences that the court awards to the accused if he or she is found guilty. This is decided after a trial where the prosecution and defense attorneys present their case in front of a judge. While the prosecution attorney tries to establish proof of guilt over the accused, it is the job of the criminal defense lawyer to fight against the charges by proving substantial proof of innocence for his client.

The value of experience and proven track record for a criminal lawyer

The sentences can range from monetary fines, community service to a jail sentence and the death penalty. The length of the jail sentence also depends on the severity of the charges. Keeping this in mind, it becomes important to hire a very capable and experienced criminal defense lawyer.

Though there are many criminal lawyers, not all are equal in terms of their service, and therefore in such cases experience and proven track record always counts.

Self-representation can cause self-inflicted harm

The law allows an accused to present his or her defense in court themselves, but this is never a good option as there are risks involved. No matter how many books a person reads, there is always the chance of making a mistake which can have serious repercussions. The experience of a criminal defense lawyer ensures that the arguments put by the prosecution are dealt with accordingly.

Things that a criminal defense lawyer does

The lawyer not only represents the client but also proves to be a valuable consultant during the case. All kinds of necessary paperwork are done by the lawyer, and he or she also works to investigate the case to find evidence that established innocence.

During a case, witnesses have to be produced, and prosecution witnesses have to be cross-examined. Here the sharp and quick thinking of a criminal lawyer come into play.

Having a highly qualified and sharp criminal lawyer on your side can tip the chances of getting a favorable result in your favour. Even in a worst case scenario, if the court awards an unfavorable decision, the lawyer can file an appeal for reconsideration or can petition a higher court for a re-trial. The lawyer can also get the sentence reduced by negotiating terms with the prosecution.

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