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What Is Asphaltene Dispersant?

Apr 4th 2015 at 12:51 AM

Asphaltene is the primary source of contention in any crude oil extraction plants or distilleries. SO, various means are used to prevent it from coagulating and forming clusters, and one such method is the use of asphaltene dispersants.

Asphaltene is a molecular substance, dispersed colloidally throughout petroleum and other crude oils extracted from underground sources. This compound, although present with various other hydrocarbons, are scattered throughout the oil and is suspended from it, can coagulate (or form deposits). The major problem arises, when asphaltene starts forming clusters with other molecules.The tanks, which store crude oil after extraction and those areas where the crude oil is transported, are the targets for such deposits.Sometimes, such deposits may prove to be highly detrimental to the safety of the workers involved in the extraction.

Similarly, the compound is often known to cause various problems such as increasing the viscosity of the oil.The viscosity (or thickness) of oil can, in turn, increase the pressure in the pipelines SO, the manufacturing industries, which use crude oil for various means such as extraction of petroleum and so on, find it very difficult to deal with them.

Hence, to make sure the naturally dispersed asphaltene, remain as such, artificial chemicals such as dispersants are added to the crude oil storage tanks.

The wax and other dispersants are formulated in such a way that they do not allow the compounds (asphaltene) in the petroleum tank to come together and form clusters. This can, thus, prevent deposits and help in reducing viscosity during transportation.

One of the primary targets of preparing such alternatives is that they should not create other additional problems such as reacting with any components of the oil and what not. It is, therefore, necessary to make sure the dispersants added are safe and give you a 100% guarantee of its non-reactive capacity towards other ingredients in the oil.

Thus, the asphalt dispersants can do a great deal of goodness to the crude oil extraction procedure, by:

· Dissolving the present deposits and dispersing it thoroughly throughout the liquid surface

· Do not allow fresh deposits to form or the asphalt to coagulate and create clusters

· Make sure the oil flows naturally, and without any hindrance, such as increased viscosity

Asphalt dispersants, thus, are crucial to any oil extraction plant and for conducting safe, secure and profitable procedures. There are several such dispersants available in the market today, under various trade names. So, purchase the one, which can give you 100% results.

About the Company:

Novamen Inc. is a privately held company and was started in 2010. With over 30 years of combined knowledge and experience in the industry, the founders are building the company with the intention of offering products and services to industrial clients that go beyond those of traditional chemical companies. Operating in Alberta, Novamen Inc. focuses primarily on industrial, oil, natural gas and mining industries throughout Canada. Visit their website to learn more about the chemical solutions they provide.

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