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What Is An Auto Transponder Key?

Jun 10th 2015 at 3:35 AM

Auto transponder keys provide several noteworthy benefits to car owners, from convenience to security. Find out how they’re making life easier for drivers and reducing auto theft in the process.

Rarely considered by drivers but quite common in the modern automotive industry, transponder keys are employed to offer added convenience and security for car owners. The name comes from “transmitter” and “responder” in reference to the basic functions that the device performs, sending and receiving signals to remotely engage or disarm locking mechanisms.

A major aspect of any vehicle’s anti-theft system is the immobilizer, which as the name suggests does not allow a car to move or operate until it is properly disarmed. When a physical car key is inserted into the ignition, the vehicle’s engine control unit sends a message to verify that it is indeed the correct key. An integrated transponder chip then transmits a response from the key back to the ECU, disarming the immobilizer so the car can be started as intended.

In this regard, transponder keys are effective at deterring theft as they require not only for the physical key to match, but also its programmed signature. They operate with very limited range, which eliminates the need for a dedicated power source. By utilizing radio wave signals to send and receive information, these types of keys are also able to function regardless of most common physical barriers.

While many vehicles employ auto transponder keys as a means of enhancing anti-theft measures, the technology provides other beneficial uses as well. With regard to automotive applications, transponder devices are used in keyless remote access controls, as well as many of the newer push-button ignition systems. The same process is activated as with traditional metal car keys—signals are provided by a specific authorized fob or other handheld device in order to deactivate the vehicle’s immobilizer and allow for standard ignition.

In circulation for automotive uses since the mid-90s, auto transponder keys have become quite commonplace. Many larger metropolitan areas have reported drastic dips in auto theft as result, including Boston, Massachusetts. In the year 1975, the city received reports of roughly 28,000 stolen vehicles in total. In 2013—with 30 million more cars registered for use on American roads—Boston experienced just 1,575 such thefts. This is in large part due to technological advancements in security, with auto transponder keys ranking high on the list of effective deterrents.

Transponder technology is present in everything from garage door openers to automated toll payment systems, increasing convenience and efficiency for drivers every day. These types of keys also provide a crucial element of security for vehicle owners these days, reducing instances of theft often with dramatic results. To find out more about auto transponder keys in Vista, please visit this website.

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A security expert who advises people on safety and security. You can find his thoughts at lock safety blog on Livejournal.

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