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What Is an Absorbed Glass Mat Sealed Lead Acid Battery?

Jun 12th 2015 at 2:54 AM

There are two main types of sealed lead acid batteries - gel and AGM. AGM, or absorbed glass mat, batteries are considered one of your best options when you are looking for superior performance and reliability. This type of battery uses, as the name suggests, a glass mat to absorb the acid.

As mentioned, the performance and reliability of an AGM battery is top notch. This type of battery is lightweight, spill-proof and maintenance free. You don’t have to top off the water like you do with flooded batteries. They are considered safer than other options, too. Built up pressure is automatically released, thus greatly reducing the chance of explosion.

Safe doesn’t mean a trade-off in performance, though. They are able to deliver high currents when needed and have a charge that is much faster than other battery types. They are great for vehicles with a lot of accessories, like heated seats, that use a lot of power.

The construction of the AGM battery means it has some unique benefits over traditional flooded batteries. They can handle cold temperatures well because they do not have liquid electrolyte that can freeze and crack the battery case. They also don’t require a flat service for installation and handle weird angle installations easily. Not to mention that vibration doesn’t bother AGM batteries, which is why the sports car racing industry uses them. Also, AGM batteries are easy to store and won’t lose their charge like flooded batteries.

Of course, nothing is perfect. AGM batteries do have some limitations. Mainly, this type of battery doesn’t react well to heat. They need installed away from the engine, and operation in hotter temperatures will need lower voltages. Also, AGMs are susceptible to overcharging. This type of battery is also rather pricey compared to flooded batteries, but they usually cost less than gel batteries. In addition, while AGM batteries are great for high bursts of energy, they don’t perform as well for longer periods. Finally, they need to be charged before they drop to 70% capacity and never allowed to lose complete charge. Losing charge will greatly decrease the life of the battery.

Absorbed glass mat batteries have only been around since the 1970s, but they have garnered a lot of fans. While this type of battery has many advantages, the limitations still need to be considered to ensure that this type of battery will effectively meet your needs. To learn more about absorbed glass mat sealed lead acid battery, please visit this website.

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Daniel is a battery expert with over 10 years of experience. You can find his thoughts at Blogspot blog.

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