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What Effect Has The Price of Crude Oil Had On You:

Nov 13th 2010 at 10:14 PM

November 14, 2010


What Effect Has The Price of Crude Oil Had On You:

Did you know that Crude Oil has not reached it's all time high of $102.53 since it accomplished this feat back in April of 1980. It has been almost 28 years since it reached it's all time high, a year after the Iranian revolution.

How much money do you really need to make, a difference in your life style today? How can an average family be able to afford the basic needs of just getting to work, and making ends meet? Great concerns for all of us, to think about what is a head for the future.

Has the price of oil effected your standard of life lately. What can we as consumers do to change the regulation of oil prices. If prices keep going up, what is going to happen to our future. Here is an example what has been happening in the market, Gold, copper and soybeans, have all touched record highs. This is all due to the price of crude oil........

Lets Do A Survey

This will all be based on the location of your present residence, doesn't really matter what country or where you live. The more people we get from different countries the better this survey will be. I am just interested in seeing what is going on around the world and the effect and impact has had on your present state of mind.

-What is the current price of gas in your area, either by the gallon or liter?

-How many miles or Klms do you travel each day to work?

-How much money does it cost your family per month on fuel?

-Do you think we are getting ripped off, by OPEC?

-What effect has this had on your family budget or has it not effect it at all?

I would greatly appreciate, if we could get as many people involved in this survey, l am just doing a study on this and l need as much feed back as l can get from all who would like to share their feelings with all of us.

Once again l do appreciate your valued time and input


This is all due to Rae, who found and wanted to share this video, you really need to see this video.....

See what CNN has to say about gas hikes


The above information was provided by Jeff aka "PEACEFUL"


Joseph F. Botelho



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