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What Causes Shower Clogs?

Jul 31st 2015 at 12:43 AM

Clogged shower drains have several common causes, which can be minimized with proper maintenance. An experienced plumber can help you understand why your shower is clogging and offer you effective solutions.

Clogged shower drains are inconvenient and annoying. While a mild clog slows drainage, a larger blockage can cause more extensive water buildup and even overflow. This problem makes your shower unpleasant and sometimes even impossible to use. Overflowing or stagnating water can eventually damage your pipes and tub, and lead to water damage to your walls and floors.

One of the most common ways that your drain gets blocked is through the gradual accumulation of hair in the pipe. Everyone sheds some hair while showering. Even if you have a hair catcher, some hair will likely still slip through and sooner or later a hairball will form inside your drainpipe and prevent water from draining out of your tub or shower enclosure.

Soap scum is another material that inevitably ends up going down your shower drain. Small pieces stick to the side and form an accretion that can block the entire pipe. Due to the sticky texture of the soap residue, it also attracts and holds other tiny materials which might otherwise just slip through the pipes, hastening the growth of the clog.

Yet another reason that pipes get blocked is the presence of hard water. If the water in your house contains a large amount of minerals, minuscule particles of these minerals stick to the insides of your pipes, building up over time and causing other small materials to get stuck, eventually resulting in clogging.

Finally, it often happens that someone drops a small article into the drain. A bottle cap, a toy, a paper or plastic wrapper, a hair elastic – all of these are common items that get dropped in the shower and washed down the drain, where they can stick and cause an obstruction which clogs the pipe.

In many cases, a combination of all of the above factors is what ultimately causes the clog. For instance, mineral buildup can cause your pipes to become more narrow so that when you drop that bottle cap, it gets stuck instead of slipping through.

If you observe that your shower water is slow to drain, it is likely that the drainpipe is clogged. The best way to deal with this situation is to promptly contact a qualified plumber, who will be able to locate the cause of your clog and remove it safely and effectively. Do not attempt to unclog your drain by yourself, since you may damage the pipes and create bigger and more expensive problems for yourself. Go to this website to learn more about effective drain maintenance in Vista.

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