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What are Torsion Springs?

Sep 29th 2015 at 10:51 AM

Types of Torsion Springs

There are two kinds: the first is a torsion bar, a straight metal or rubber bar that is placed on shear stress on its axis by applying force on both ends. The other type is called torsion fiber and is provided by spring manufacturer companies and are found in sensitive instruments. Torsion fibers are often made up of quartz, glass or silk fiber. Whatever material is used, tension is applied around its axis.

The other type is called a helical torsion and is a wire or metal rod that resembles a helix. This is also twisted about the coil axis by way of bending movements, and the application on both ends twists the object tighter.

Torsion Springs Uses and Applications

These springs can be used in different ways. A good example is the helical springs that are used by spring loaded mousetraps and clothespins. There are also wire form springs that are often used in counterbalancing garage doors, and some of them are also used for opening car trunks.

The smaller coiled springs are frequently used on pop up doors like those on music players and cameras, which only goes to show useful they are. In addition these springs can be used in other ways. Torsion springs bar for instance, are steel springs that are connected to a vehicle’s body, while the other end is attached on the wheel axle. What they do is work as shock absorbers when the vehicle passes over rugged terrain, reducing the bumpiness that passengers will feel.

Torsion bar suspensions are frequently used not just in cars but also military vehicles, while a sway bar is often used in suspension systems that rely on the spring principle. You will also come across torsion pendulums, devices that are installed in pendulum clocks. These are shaped like wheels and hang from the center via a wire spring. What the weight does is rotate the spring axis and twist it, rather than swing like a standard pendulum. The spring turns the rotation direction backwards so the wheel starts oscillating over and over.

Spring manufacturer companies also develop balance springs for watches. These are shaped like a spiral that move the balance wheel back to its original position after rotating, and the spring function is akin to the torsion pendulum in terms of function, but there are some differences.

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