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Ways You Can Save the Earth by Recycling

Dec 6th 2015 at 11:47 PM

Did you ever watch a superhero movie and think about how fantastic it must feel to have the power to save the world? Well, good news: You have a superpower of your very own, should you choose to tap into it. With the mere act of recycling instead of tossing items into the trash bin, you can play a huge role in saving the earth from the evils of improperly disposed waste.


Possibly the most immediate place the impact is found is in the realm of landfills. Every bottle, can or piece of scrap metal that gets sent to these trashy grave yards contributes to the increased amount of contamination to the surrounding earth. Pollution is not limited to the soil, though; toxins can infiltrate the ground water, poisoning the water supply, and dangerous fumes can decrease air quality and aggravate or cause respiratory issues.

Much of the recyclable materials in our trash can are replaced with the use of mining, such as the mining of bauxite ore in order to extract aluminum. The process includes excavation of earth that can destroy surrounding habitats for plants and animals. It can also contribute to the deterioration of the soil, which then may result in higher levels of erosion and lessens the earth’s ability to retain moisture. Mining also uses valuable resources and creates wasteful byproducts. Recyclables such as bottles and cans have the potential to be 100 percent reused without lessening the quality, meaning it is not necessary to acquire new resources to have a continual supply of pure products.

Recycling your goods also saves exponentially on energy. Only a fraction of the energy usage is necessary to complete the recycling process as opposed to that which is needed for the initial process. The levels of CO2 emissions are drastically cut and gasoline consumption decreases, leaving a much smaller carbon footprint. Recycling also has a quicker turnaround time than sourcing new materials and costs much less. As an added benefit, increased recycling results in an increase in jobs; this means a stronger economy and less unemployment.


An array of household items can be recycled, from brass keys and plumbing parts to electronics and plastics. In one fell swoop, by choosing to toss your discarded items into the recycle bin instead of the trash, you can have such an impact on the earth that it makes you worthy of donning your very own cape. Learn more about saving the world by visiting this website to find a recycling company in Sunnyvale.


Author Bio:-

With the advantage of having lots of experience in the Recycling Industry, Dustin shares his knowledge through his writing. You can find his thoughts at recycling center blog.

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