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Watching Arabic Channels In The US - How IPTV Works

Aug 5th 2015 at 12:31 AM

The changing trend of television with respect to technology has left a deep mark in everyone’s minds, as many major changes have occurred in the past decade. From cable TV to DTH to IPTV, it has all been a long journey in a short span of time. With the fact that IPTV has arrived, there will be no need for you to watch “whatever is being aired on the local network” anymore when you can rather watch whatever it is you want. You’re from the Arab countries, somehow landed in America. With just an IPTV connection, you can watch Arab TV in America. Amazing, right? This article discusses how you’re able to watch Arabic channels in the USA.

To process anything that is encrypted or encoded in digital language, there is the requirement of one very important box – the IPTV box, also called set-top box in DTH systems. This box connects with the DSL line in your home and is the one responsible for receiving, assembling and decoding the packets of programme data sent over to it. Who sends this data? Where does it come from? This is the part where our telecom companies come into the picture. Someone in America wants to watch Arabic TV. The telecom companies know that the specific person has an IPTV connection. What happens now is that the head end of the telecom pulls in feed from the satellites and sends it through its network. If encoding is necessary, the telecom does that too. Next this feed is converted into packets of Internet Protocol, which is necessary to send it over through the Internet on a DSL line.

The video streams thus sent over knock at the door of the local office, and now it becomes the local office’s responsibility to send this video stream to all the couch potatoes that ordered it. This office houses the IPTV middleman equipment and gadgetry which takes care of and remembers all your View-on-demand requests and other orders. The advertisements and other promotional add-ons are sticker-stuck with your ordered videos/programmes that were sent over. Your Arabic TV live stream has almost arrived on your American doorstep.
Now the question of sending a huge amount of data through small-capacity cable remains. The amount of data collected at the local office is overwhelming to be distributing through the 25MBps bandwidth cables. This problem is solved with the mechanism that permits only that data to be sent which is currently being watched, as the other packets are put on standby. There is no need for you to keep all the Arabic channels coming in when you are only watching one. This allows the IPTV technology to send high definition video packets over the same lines, without cramming any bandwidth. This is how IPTV technology works.

Future of television has finally begun to manifest itself in the form of IPTV. Internet Protocol Television holds true to its name till the very last letter seeing how the entire process is carried out completely over the Internet.

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Frank Geller is an expert in IPTV technology who loves writing many interesting articles and blogs, helping people understand how it all works. He recommends as the best and most trusted way to watch Arabic TV channels in USA.

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